PotionSigns - Simple fun way to access potions! 2015-08-03

Simple fun way to access potions!

  1. Sirenum
    Simple potion signs allows you to have access to the few basic potions available in Minecraft.

    /ps -
    (Will eventually show usage, and permissions in future update.)


    (Allows a user to interact with a sign.)
    • PotionSigns.Interact
    • PotionSigns.interact.FIRE
    • PotionSigns.interact.NIGHT_VISION
    • PotionSigns.interact.INSTANT_HEALTH
    • PotionSigns.interact.INVIS
    • PotionSigns.interact.REGENERATION
    • PotionSigns.interact.SPEED
    • PotionSigns.interact.STRENGTH
    Sign Creation:
    • PotionSigns.create.FIRE_RESISTANCE
    • PotionSigns.create.NIGHT_VISION
    • PotionSigns.create.INSTANT_HEALTH
    • PotionSigns.create.INVIS
    • PotionSigns.create.REGENERATION
    • PotionSigns.create.SPEED
    • PotionSigns.create.STRENGTH


    Planned features:
    • Add ability to change length of the potion.
    • Add splash feature.

    Long Term:

    • Implement a count down/delay for sign usage.
    • Make plans for implementing Economy.