Powder Chests 1.0

Explosive stuff with Skript

  1. Wolfezz
    Tons of TnT or Gunpowder in a chest...
    But it aren't realistic in Minecraft
    With this Skript a chest creates a detonation on break when something explosive is in it.

    How can I install it?!
    1. You need to install Skript to your pluginsfolder: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/skript/
    2. Download the skript and put it into the plugins/skript/scripts/ folder (the .sk, not the .zip!
    3. start the server or use "/skript reload all"


    - Very lightweigh at all!
    - Permission based
    - Detonate chest
    - Detects how much explosive material is in the chest
    - Works for TNT and Gunpowder
    - Configurable explosion force

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  1. Wrong file + .sk instead of zip