PowerCamera 0.7

Cinematic effects for your server.

  1. Minor improvements

    0.7 | Minor improvements

    • Fixed error when joining in some cases
    • Set player to visible on join
    • Added command '/pc invisible <true/false>'
  2. Fix for 1.12 and lower

    0.6 | Fix for 1.12 and lower
    No new features

    • Fixed error when starting a camera on versions older than Minecraft 1.13
  3. Easing

    0.5 | Easing
    • Added command /pc startother <playername> <cameraname> and permission powercamera.cmd.startother
    • Added optional argument to /pr addpoint [linear/teleport] choose the easing to a point (default linear)
    • Added permission powercamera.bypass.joincamera to bypass the join camera
    • Changed config.yml camera path to a list of camera paths where one is randomly chosen on join
    • Fixed bug when using a camera with a single point...
  4. Commands in the camera path!

    0.4 | Commands in the camera path!
    • Fixed MC 1.8.X compatibility
    • Added permission 'powercamera.hidestartmessages' to hide the messages when viewing a camera
    • Added command '/pc stop' to stop the current running camera / preview mode
    • Added permission 'powercamera.cmd.stop' for the command '/pc stop'
    • Added command '/pc addcommand <cmd>' to execute command while displaying a camera path, use '%player%' for the player's name
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  5. More control

    0.3 | More control

    • camera effects, change how the player is displayed while viewing a camera, change between no effects, spectator and/or invisible
    • on join, Change whenever the on join camera show be displayed for new players only or for everyone
    • Changed the layout of the configuration file
    • When a new camera is made it gets selected by default
    • Fixed issue in the setduration command that no single digit numbers can be used...
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  6. Smooth movement!

    0.2 | Smooth movement

    • Changed setduration time parser to accept numbers as well as 10s5m1h
    • Added smooth movement when viewing the camera
    • Updated command to be more console friendly
    • Updated command auto-complete to be console compatible
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