PowerCommand 1.0

An easy to use Spigot plugin for executing many commands at once

  1. dwilson5817
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    PowerCommand is a Spigot plugin which allows the execution of many commands at once.

    Installation is as simply as dragging and dropping the plugin jar file and starting your server. This plugin does not have a configuration file - a commands.txt file is created when the server first starts.

    Each line in PowerCommand/commands.txt will be executed as a separate command and can be run with the /powercommand run command. The powercommand.run permission is required to execute /powercommand run.

    Issues and bugs
    All known issues are available at https://github.com/dwilson5817/power-command/issues. Please check there first before reporting a bug. If your issue has not been reported, please send me a private message, post it in the discussion thread or report it directly on GitHub.

    PowerJoin is licensed under the MIT license: https://github.com/dwilson5817/power-command/blob/master/LICENSE.md.