PowerlessLamps 2.5

Toggle redstone lamps with your hand.

  1. 2.5 - 1.13 Compatibility, Optimizations, and Fixes

    Note: Skipped v2.4 (it was a 1.13-only jar)

    While v2.3 was still able to turn lamps on in 1.13, it was far from functional. As such, this update was made to try and bring it up to 100% functionality. At one point I almost dropped backwards compatibility support, but I got it working and all is well for now (I hope xD)

    Testing done on v2.5:
    • 1.12.2 with no other plugins
    • 1.12.2 with WorldEdit 6.1.9
    • 1.13 with no other plugins
    • 1.13 with WorldEdit 7.0.0
    (No tests were made with NoCheatPlus)
    (The tested setups listed above should be 100% functional)

    Changes that I remember:
    • Fixed compatibility with WorldEdit 7.0.0 (they removed methods)
    • Fixed PowerlessLamps not loading correctly without WorldEdit installed (has it been broken this entire time? Woops)
    • Fixed sound enum compatibility for 1.13 (I wish they had compatibility for this like they did for Materials)
    • Optimized WorldEdit commands so that they loop less (it used to loop twice, now it loops once to find the lamps and then only loops over those lamps)
    • Hide WorldEdit commands from command help if it is not installed or the user doesn't have permission for them
    • Hide WorldEdit tab completions if it is not installed or the user doesn't have permission for them
    • Default /lamp command help to /lamp loc's help if WorldEdit is not installed or the user doesn't have permission for them
    Awesome Side-Effect of 1.13's New Code:
    Toggling a lamp that is next to another lamp will no longer turn it off :)

    Also Pretty Cool Information:
    You can set any lamp on/off via the vanilla /setBlock command or by right-clicking (you don't even need this plugin to do it!). How? Grab a debug_stick via /minecraft:give and simply right-click the lamp! :D (you probably shouldn't let regular users have those though). For the command, use something like:
    /setblock ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:redstone_lamp[lit=true] replace

    The debug_stick is likely as efficient as you can get, but it doesn't come with that lil clicking noise xD The /setblock command will cause adjacent lamps to turn off if they aren't powered.
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