PowerlessLamps 2.5

Toggle redstone lamps with your hand.

  1. 2.5 - 1.13 Compatibility, Optimizations, and Fixes

    Note: Skipped v2.4 (it was a 1.13-only jar)

    While v2.3 was still able to turn lamps on in 1.13, it was far from functional. As such, this update was made to try and bring it up to 100% functionality. At one point I almost dropped backwards compatibility support, but I got it working and all is well for now (I hope xD)

    Testing done on v2.5:
    • 1.12.2 with no other plugins
    • 1.12.2 with WorldEdit 6.1.9
    • 1.13 with no other plugins...
  2. 2.3 - /lamp xyz command and tab completion

    You can now specify the xyz coordinates of a lamp to toggle it on or off. Using this command requires the permission node lamp.location.

    Syntax: /lamp loc [x] [y] [z] [on/off/toggle] <world>

    The world is usually optional unless you're using the command from the console.
    Relative coordinates are supported (ex: ~10).
    Command blocks are supported.
    Command minecarts are supported.

    The command does NOT check if the sender can build there. This is more of a command block...
  3. 2.2 - NoCheatPlus Compatibility

    If you do not use NoCheatPlus, this version is practically the same as v2.1.

    Added exemption to NCP's block-break checks during lamp toggling.
    Fixed a typo in the plugin.yml... soft-depend was supposed to be spelled as softdepend oops
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  4. 2.1 - Further physics event edits

    Version 2.0's physics edit caused "//lamp on" to no longer turn all lamps on in a WorldEdit selection. This version should fix that.

    "//lamp toggle" doesn't seem to work correctly either when lamps are near each other. A solid flat wall of lamps should toggle nicely, and the same with standalone lamps. The command is probably a lost cause in regards to [irregularLampShapes/lampCubes], but it's still good if you like randomly toggling those lamps xD
  5. 2.0 - Bugfix (improved BlockState workaround)

    The plugin will now completely avoid blocks with special BlockStates such as signs and chests when choosing a trigger block for a lamp. If a lamp is completely surrounded by special blocks, you cannot toggle it. If another lamp is selected due to special blocks being around the target lamp, the selected lamp will (unfortunately) turn off. If another valid non-lamp block is available, it will be preferred as the trigger instead of the lamp.

    The plugin's event listener has been slightly...
  6. 1.9 - MC 1.8 and MC 1.9 merge

    The purpose of this update was to make a PowerlessLamps version that is compatible with both the 1.8 and 1.9 versions of Spigot.

    If updating from PowerlessLamps v1.8 for Spigot 1.9, nothing has changed.

    If updating from PowerlessLamps v1.6 for Spigot 1.8, you will get the changes that were made in PowerlessLamps v1.7 and v1.8.

    This PowerlessLamps version was tested on a Spigot 1.9 server jar that was built today (March 12, 2016), and on a Spigot 1.8.8 server. If you experience a bug,...
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  7. 1.8 - Fix empty hand toggling

    This version is only compatible with Spigot 1.9 and newer!

    Fixed lamp interaction. It wasn't allowing you to have an empty hand while toggling a lamp.
  8. 1.7 - Minecraft 1.9 Compatibility

    This version is only compatible with Spigot 1.9 and newer!

    Sounds have been updated to match the new sound API changes in 1.9.

    RedstoneChangeEvent has been removed because it was unnecessary.

    PlayerInteractEvent lamp interactions have been limited to once per tick to restore functionality.

    Interaction requirements have been loosened. You may now toggle lamps with your hand as long as you aren't holding a block in either your left or right hand.
  9. 1.6 - Code Improvement and MobArena Bugfix

    This update was created with the purpose of fixing compatibility with MobArenas. The old build-checking code would fire its own BlockPlaceEvent to see if a user could toggle a lamp (before it even checked if the block was a lamp). MobArena would see the event for all blocks that were right-clicked and add them to its own block-change list for restoration purposes (only if the arena had its 'protect' setting set to true). When an arena ended, it would set all right-clicked blocks to air.

  10. 1.5 - WorldEdit + Bugfix

    This update was made due to a bug that I randomly discovered last night. The bug occurs if you place a redstone lamp above a block that has an inventory (chest/dispenser/hopper/etc) and then toggle it. When you do, the contents of the chest explode out from it, leaving the inventory empty. This occurs in all PowerlessLamps versions (1.0~1.4) and it is fixed in this release (1.5).

    Along with that bugfix, I figured I'd add commands that affect lamps inside a WorldEdit selection as...