powerofpickle's Teleporters v1.1.1

This plugin adds a Teleporter block that can teleport players who stand on it.

  1. powerofpickle
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8


    After placing a Teleporter block, right-clicking or left-clicking it will increment or decrement its frequency (in Survival mode).

    A Teleporter will only be able to send and receive players if it is being powered by redstone.

    By default, a Teleporter will be set to Private mode. This means that the Teleporter operates on a private frequency, and it can only teleport players to other Teleporters that are both on the same frequency and placed by the same player. By right-clicking the block with a stick, you can switch it to Public mode, meaning it can send and receive players from any Teleporter that any player has placed, as long as it is on the same frequency.

    After placing a Teleporter, you cannot get it back as an item. If you wish to remove a Teleporter block that you have placed, you can destroy it by repeatedly hitting it with a stick. It will eventually blow up.

    You can craft a Teleporter block using the following crafting recipe:


    description: Allows player to use /teleporter [amount]
    default: op

    description: Allows player to craft Teleporters
    default: true
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