PowerRanks 1.9.9R3

A rank based permissions plugin for Minecraft servers

  1. Improved color handling

    1.9.8 | Improved color handling

    • Added permission 'powerranks.chat.chatcolor' to give players the ability to use chat colors in their messages
    • Added command '/pr setbuydescription <rank> <buy description>' & permission 'powerranks.cmd.setbuydescription'
    • Added command '/pr setbuycommand <rank> <buy command to execute>' & permission 'powerranks.cmd.setbuycommand'
    • Fixed multi-colored names not working in the tab-list
    • Fixed config file failing to update
    • Fixed HEX colors not working on non-spigot/paper servers
    • Fixed colors '&i' and '&j' ignoring the last two characters
    • Fixed colors '&i' and '&j' unable to be used as chat color
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