PowerRanks 1.9.9R3

A rank based permissions plugin for Minecraft servers

  1. Improved command handling

    1.9.9 | Improved command handling

    • Rewritten all commands
    • Added TAB plugin hook (experimental)
    • Fixed and improved permission selector in '/pr add(player)perm <rank> <permission>'
    • Improved chat interaction and formatting when changing ranks
    • Improved pagination system for '/pr list...' commands
    • Added pagination system for permissions in '/pr playerinfo <player> [page]'
    • Updated some response messages
    • Fixed error in MC <1.13
    • Added support for HEX colors in the format '&#RRGGBB' as well as '#RRGGBB'
    • Improved add-on manager
    • Improved [world] tag removing when using '/pr config removeworldtag'
    • Added permission filter to '/pr verbose <start [filter]/startlive [filter]/stop/save/clear>' to find a specific issue faster
    • Fixed permission checking for specific plugins (like Magic)
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