Practice Plugin BETA 1.6

This is a plugin to practice MLGs with water- bucket and ladders (still under developement)

  1. Rudraksha007
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Practice Plugin
    This plugin can be helpful to the people who want to add a practice mode for Mini-games like Bedwars in their severs. This plugin supports "Water- bucket" and "Ladder" and some other MLGs for now but as this is still in development, new methods can be added in the future.

    After Joining a game, the player will be provided with 3 minutes of time. In this time, he/ she will have to do as many MLGs as he can, Every successful MLG will give the player 10 to 50 scores (score varies according to the height set by the player). the scores can be viewed by the stats command.
    the size and the height of the MLG platform can be altered by the player in game

    Placeholder API is now supported. (suggested by lukispukis at Our discord channel: ) The known placeholders are as follows:
    • practice_wins: Provides the number of successful MLGs done by a player
    • practice_fails: Provides the number of failed MLGs done by a player
    • practice_score: Total score of a player
    • practice_games: Total number of games, that a player joined
    Placeholder API is needed for this plugin to run. and will not start without it as more than one feature(s) are needed two have it as dependency.
    This plugin is still under development and me(who made this plugin) is not a professional himself. hence, it can have bugs.. so people downloading this plugin are welcome to submit any type of bug reports or feature requests here:
    (separate text channel available for this plugin)

    Commands: (includes '/' in the start)

    all commands which can be used by admins to modify the game. The different tasks that can be done with this are by adding arguments listed below:
    • addmap: Adds a new map with its spawn at your current location. To complete the adding process, you will be provided with a tool to select block where the finish point will be shown when joining a game.
    • setlobby: Sets the lobby point of the game. The players will be teleported to this location after the game ends.
    practice : This command alone will led the player (who ran this command) to join any available game. This also have sub commands:
    • join: join a game.
    • leave: leave the game that you are in.
    • stats: shows their stats.
    Added/ changed after updates
    pa: Map adding command has been changed, usage: /pa addmap [MLG | PARKOUR]
    practice: Join command has been changed, usage: /practice join [MLG | PARKOUR]


    The whole plugin uses only two permissions for now (at the release of BETA 1.5.12):
    • mlgpractice.admin: to use all the admin commands
    • mlgpractice.go: to use all player commands

Recent Reviews

  1. ArcerMC
    Version: BETA 1.6
    1. Rudraksha007
      Author's Response
      Thanks! we really appreciate your review!
  2. Nexz_
    Version: BETA 1.5.5
    great plugins! but can this plugin support 1.8.x?
    1. Rudraksha007
      Author's Response
      hello user! we are now back with 1.8.x support, versions 1.5.12 and above now support older servers too!
  3. EH800
    Version: BETA 1.0
    I really like this plugin, the only bad thing is that the mlgpractice.go permission doesn't seem to work so m players cant join a game xD
    1. Rudraksha007
      Author's Response
      Sorry to hear this, but this should be fixed in the new version of this plugin! thanks for reporting this bug!