Prank 1.1

Prank your friends with a variety of commands!

  1. xXInfinityXx
    == Summary ==
    Prank is a plugin that introduces two (four for admins or other players of high rank) new commands, is very configurable, and has permissions for the commands.

    === Commands ===
    /prank fakejoin {playername} -
    Use this command, and put a player name, and that will display a color-code compatible, and configurable message saying the person you put in the playername are has joined the game.

    /prank fakeop {playername} - Use this command, put a online player in the playername section, and they will get a configurable message saying they are op!

    /prank credit - Use this command, and it displays a message of who taught me how to make this plugin. Thanks PogoStick29Dev!

    /prank crl (can be used as /prank configreload or /prank creload) - Reloads the prank config.

    === Permissions ===

    prank.fakejoin - Gives access to the /fakejoin command.

    prank.fakeop - Gives access to the /fakeop command. - Gives access to the /prank-credit command.

    prank.crl - Gives access to the /prankcrl / prankconfigreload command.

Recent Updates

  1. Prank Update - Bug Fixes