Prefix Manager 1.1

Allow Players to set their prefix with permission. - Chat Formatting - /Nick

  1. MedievalGaming
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    Prefix Manager was created due to not being able to find a Skript or plugin that is up to date, and does anything like it. It allows you to give your players permission nodes, in turn, allowing them to set their chat prefix through clicking a button in a GUI! Moderately configurable, currently supports separate sex ranks. This Skirpt also configures the chat, and creates an On Join message that lists the prefix and players name.

    Players chat prefix and nickname availability are all controlled via permissions!

    100% EULA compliant - Entire Goal

    Servers using this Skript

    - - 1.9


    Any Permissions Plugin


    prefix.reload - Allows access to /pf reload - Recommended For OP
    prefixmanager.nick.others - /nick others
    prefixmanager.nick.self - /nick yourself

    Prefix Set One - prefixmanager.tier1
    Prefix Set Two - prefixmanager.tier2
    Prefix Set Three - prefixmanager.tier3
    Prefix Set Four - prefixmanager.tier4
    Prefix Set Five - prefixmanager.tier5
    Prefix Set Six - prefixmanager.tier6
    Prefix Set Seven - prefixmanager.tier7
    Prefix Set Eight - prefixmanager.tier8


    /title - Allow Users to choose from default titles if they have permissions
    /title donor - Allow Users to choose from Donor titles if they have permissions
    /title staff - Allow Users to choose from Staff titles if they have permissions
    /nick - Allow Users to set nicknames if they have permissions

    /pf reload - Allows users to reload the PrefixManager Skript - Recommended For OP


    Step 1 - Download and Install Skript
    Step 2 -
    Place "" in your Skripts folder
    Step 5 - Restart/Reload your server!


    Everything within the Prefix file is documented, and a large portion of it is configurable, all the way from the permission nodes, down to the displayed text on the GUI options!

    If you have any issues or suggestion, feel free to contact me though PMs or the thread, Do not post them in reviews!