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  1. Scorpion
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    PrefixAPI....What is that..

    This api/plugin can run on its own easily.
    You can create unlimited amounts of prefix and a player can choose 1 aslong as they own it.
    Great for donaters if you wanted.

    Many games such as Runescape WoW(i think) and alot of other mmorpg's have titles you can earn or buy.
    These titles are only shown if you own them but also you only are able to have 1 title at a time yet still own many of em.

    This does not override plugins that show prefix like pex essentials or any other chat related plugin(including married etc)

    There is no dependencies for this plugin as it does everything on its own.
    It doesn't require a chat plugin either but its usefull for your own chat format to look nicer.

    None of the titles have a permission set to them and won't ever get 1 either this is because I want to allow as much open options as possible.

    The way it works is simple:

    For dev's:
    To add a prefix to the players list simply do add this plugin to your build and use the following:

    PrefAPIMain.addprefix(<player>, <title you wish to add>)

    To see what prefix the person has you can use the getprefix(<player>) method which returns a list of prefixes the player has access too.

    Since this plugin can run on its own as it was ment to originally the plugin has some of its own commands and permissions:

    Code (Text):
    /prefix - Shows the users prefix amount + current
    /prefix create/add <prefix> <colored version> -  Creates a prefix or changes the existing one with colored version.
    /prefix remove <prefix> - Removes the prefix from the main file.
    /prefix set <prefix> - Allows a player if they own the prefix to set it. #Automatically converts color set via create.
    /prefix give <player> <prefix> - Give a player a created prefix. #Note the prefix must be an existing 1 and is case-sensitive!
    /prefix list - Check the accuall names you can set as prefix
    /prefix available - Check which prefixes are already created

    Code (Text):
    *There is no permission to "set" a prefix as they have to own 1 anyway*

    prefix.add - To create/add/change a prefix.
    prefix.remove - To delete an existing prefix.
    prefix.give - To give an existing prefix to yourself or a player.
    [LEFT][COLOR=rgb(44, 44, 44)]prefix.available - Check the list from the main available prefix.yml
    prefix.rebuild - To bring the config back to default
    prefix.remove - To remove a prefix[/COLOR][/LEFT]

    There are 3 files, a Configuration File(Standard) A PlayerData file(storage of owned titles and current) and a prefix File(Stores colored versions)

    Code (Text):

      console: 'Console cannot perform this command!'
      prefix: '&9prefix earned: &6{0}'
      noperm: '&4You are lacking permission for this command!'
      current: '&6[&9Prefix&6] &9Current Prefix: &6{0}'
      errortitle: '&4You don''t own the title &6{0}' #Its possible for the {0} to break for some reason. If this happens just remove it.
      set: '&9Title set to: &6{0}'
      created: '&9Prefix &6{0} &9created/changed to &6{1}'
      added: '&9Prefix &6{1} &9added to &6{0}&9''s list'
      newtitle: '&9You earned a new title! Title Name: &6{0}'
      prefixamount: '&9You have &6{0} &9prefixes stored. Current prefix: &6{1}'
      notonline: '&6{0} &9is not online'
      noexist: '&9Title &6{0} &9is not known'
      alreadyowns: '&9Player &6{1} &9already owns the title &6{0}'
      added: '&9Added title &6{0} &9to &6{1}&9''s list'
      earned: '&9You earned the &6{0} &9title!'
      removed: '&9Succesfully removed &6{0} &9from the list'
      deleted: '&9It appears &6{0} &9was deleted and therefor this title unusable'
      prefixowned: '&9You own the following prefixes:&6 {0}'
      available: '&9Currently available prefixes: &6{0}'
      seterror: '&4Syntax Error: &6/prefix set <title>'
      createerror: '&4Syntax Error: &6/prefix create <title> <colored title>'
      deleteerror: '&4Syntax Error: &6/prefix delete <title>'
      giveerror: '&4Syntax Error: &6/prefix give <player> <title>'
      notitles: '&4It appears you have no titles stored'
      unset: '&9Removed current prefix'
      prefix: '&6[&9Prefix&6]' #Used in return messages
      addSpace: true

    - '&6/prefix &9- Returns total prefixes and current'
    - '&6/prefix list &9- Returns a list of prefixes'
    - '&6/prefix set <title> &9- Sets a title'
    - '&6/prefix create/add <title> <colored version> &9- Creates a new title'
    - '&6/prefix give <player> <title> &9- Gives a player the title to use'
    - '&6/prefix delete/remove <prefix> &9- Deletes a prefix from the main list'

    Questions? Just ask!

    - Allow for ingame color changes to a prefix.
    - Give me idea's

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