PrefixAPI 1.1.3

Prefixes, API, Unlimited.

  1. 1.1.3

    * Fixed a typo in reading the message configurations
    * Fixed prefix not properly coloring
    * Fixed Storing of prefixes using actual UUID
    * Fixed no prefix typing causing needless errors.

    + Added /pref as alias to /prefix
    + Added /pref unset which removes your current prefix but does not delete it.
  2. 1.1.2

    + Added /pref unset
    + Added few new config lines mainly
    addSpace: true

    * Prefixes should now reload with colors intact.

    Made a few small changes within the plugin shouldn't be noticeable

    addSpace has been added under Settings:.
    What this option does is when you create a new prefix by default it will add a space to it at the end.
  3. Console Support

    + Added console command support for commands such as give delete create.
    + Added a help command /prefix help to get all commands.
    Permission prefix.admin will make the help also return admin commands.

    + Added syntax msgs when commands aren't correctly performed.
    i.e /prefix set would return Syntax Error: /prefix set <title>.
  4. Update 1.1.0

    + Added help returns when you make a command mistake.
    + Added a command to "rebuild" the config NOT RELOAD.
    + Added /prefix list and /prefix available to see the prefixes you own/are available
    + Added /prefix delete/remove to delete/remove a prefix(Does not remove from a players list)
    + Added playerjoin/playerquit prefix loader

    * Fixed bugs with add/create/set to return errors.
    * Fixed an issue where giving a player a title even if they owned it would create duplicates.

    Known issues.
  5. (Almost) Complete Rewrite

    In the process of rewriting this api currently.
    I'll be updating the main page completely to show the differences in commands etc.

    The api is mainly the same except added an additional feature.

    If any bugs arise pm me and ill sort it out.
  6. Removed debugging msgs + fixed join grab

    - Removed any leftover "if null" debug msgs
    * Fixed an issue where on join it would grab the prefix but a current version instead of the colored version.