PremierChat 1.0

A universal chat plugin!

  1. AstramG
    The Premier and Ultimate Chat Plugin!

    Setting up your config!
    PremierChat is a Spigot plugin for Chat channels and chat systems within your server. PremierChat features an abundance of customization options such as changing the actual name of the plugin and the names of the permission nodes assigned. PremierChat has been designed behind the idea of customization. PremierChat allows admins to create server own chat channels of different types, names, and some varieties of attributes. There are channel types such as Global chat channels, Local chat channels, World chat channels, Unlisted chat channels, and Permission chat channels which require a permission that you specify, in order to join the channel. You may have just thought to yourself "Wow, I can do all of that! What could be better than this!", let me just tell you that this is much more to offer.

    Why should you choose PremierChat?
    PremierChat offers prefixes for each player using a UUID system, this means that if a player donates for a rank and you give them a prefix the prefix will carry on their account even if they change their name in the upcoming features of Minecraft 1.8. This plugin is also update proof as it currently uses no packets, therefore you will most likely not need to update this plugin very often and it should work forever! Prefixes are also supported with the full range of Minecraft chatcolors and font features such as bold, and all of the colors available as well.

    The Channels that PremierChat offers are what this plugin is centered on. Whilst you may only need one channel for your server because you just want to have really nice channel and player prefixes, we offer full customization of the channels. PremierChat will allow staff to set timers in between talk time, to make sure players aren't spamming and of your chat channels. The timers are relating to a specific channel, so in some channels play will be able to talk freely if you choose to do so. There is also a large window of opportunity for a staff chat. PremierChat offers permission channels, so if a player lists the channels and doesn't have the specific permission to join the Staff chat they won't even see the chat and won't be able to join it, while staff on the other hand can see this channel fine and join it like normal!

    What administrative controls does PremierChat offer?
    Administrative controls were a big part of PremierChat because we know that there are many spammers and rule breakers out there, we have full admin controls for each specific channel coded using UUIDs. Therefore, if a player changes their name whilst they are banned in a channel they will still be banned unlike other chat plugins that just store the player's name which could result to serious damage. However, PremierChat is doing it right and making sure all of your banned players stay banned, no matter what their name is. PremierChat also features timed mutes, therefore allowing staff to mute players who are disregarding rules for a certain amount of time. Did I mention that you can ban players from a specific channel rather than all of them? How neat! We also have administrative controls to force move players from channel to channel seamlessly, therefore allowing staff to bring players into their private channel if they need to talk to them. We also feature much more administrative features that aren't mentioned in this paragraph.


    Use /pc in game for help with all commands, however I have brought all the commands over to here as well!:
    • /pc --> Displays all of the subcommands for PremierChat
    • /msg <player> <msg> --> Sends a message to the player
    • /r <msg> --> Replies to the last person spoken with, with the message
    • /pc channel --> Displays all of the subcommands for the Channels of PremierChat
    • /pc channel list --> Messages the player with a list of all available channels to join
    • /pc channel join <channel> --> Joins the specified channel
    • /pc channel info <channel> --> Displays the info of this channel such as what type, playercount, and format!
    • /pc channel admin --> Displays admin commands (Only visible by admins for all admin commands)
    • /pc channel admin mute <player> <timeInMinutes> --> Mutes the chosen player for the number of specified minutes
    • /pc channel admin unmute <player> --> Forces the mute on the specified player to end
    • /pc channel admin ban <player> <channel> --> Bans the UUID of the player from the channel
    • /pc channel admin pardon <player> <channel> --> Removes the UUID of the player from the list of banned players
    • /pc channel admin kick <player> --> Kicks the player out of their channel and moves them to the default channel
    • /pc channel admin move <player> <channel> --> Force moves the player to the specified channel

    Where it says "ADMINPERMISSION", is the permission node defined in the config.
    • ADMINPERMISSION.view - Views the commands for admins!
    • ADMINPERMISSION.ban - Ban command!
    • ADMINPERMISSION.pardon - Pardon command!
    • ADMINPERMISSION.kick - Kicking command!
    • ADMINPERMISSION.mute - Mute command!
    • ADMINPERMISSION.unmute - Unmute command!
    • ADMINPERMISSION.move - Moves players command!
    Extra Information:

    GitHub:Click me!
    If you want to use this project or edit it for your server that's fine but you must give me credit somewhere.
    Also please using this plugin and uploading another version of it to Bukkit that you've edited yourself is forbidden.