PremiumCheck 1.0

Let premium users who have accounts already registered on non-premium servers log on.

  1. TheRaulXP

    Do you have a non-premium server? A bunch of premium players have their accounts already registered? Need a cheap alternative to solve it? Here is it.

    With PremiumCheck, that premium players will be able to register on your server simply by visiting an IP adress (if your server is it can be

    How does it work?

    Let's say your server is in IP adress "A", and there is where all players connect (premium and non-premium), and a premium player has its account already taken. Then, the player will connect to an external server with this plugin and AuthMe, let's say that server has IP adress "B", and that server will unregister the account only if the user is premium, then it'll kick the player with a message telling to re-connect to IP "A" and registering its account.

    • AuthME connected to a DB
    • PremiumCheck
    How to install

    1.- Download AuthMe and PremiumCheck and put it on server "B" plugins folder.
    2.- Configure AuthMe to connect to the same DB on your server and on this server.
    3.- Set this server to online-mode: true.
    4.- The IP and port of this server will be server "B", where the players will connect to unregister their taken accs.

    You can test the plugin working on my network:

    Main Network IP:
    PremiumCheck IP:

    Donations and Questions

    If you like the plugin and would like to donate to me, use THIS link.
    If you want to ask any question do it on comments section, i'll be reviewing that as soon as possible.

Recent Reviews

  1. didjee2
    Version: 1.0
    Nice plugin, and it works. But if a cracked players have done alot on the server, he will just lose it all. Can be usefull but not for me. (4 Stars because or works with no bugs for me. ;) )