PremiumFFAPHP 1.01

PremiumFFAPHP is a web addon for the PremiumFFA pugin (Vouchs)

  1. Remi_CELLARD
    PremiumFFAPHP is an official web addon for the plugin PremiumFFA of Vouchs.
    With this web addon, you can view the different statistics of the players of the server.
    Simple to configure, it will be installed in no time!
    It is also available in several languages! (French and English are included by default) But nothing prevents you from translating into your language because you can configure your own language!
    You can also link your Litebans and AdvancedBan web interface page (Link in the "Reference Link").
    A comprehensive resource in constant evolution.

    PremiumFFAPHP Version : 1.01 BETA
    Date of last update : 16/09/2017 (dd/mm/yyyy)
    Name of the last update : "The beginning"
    Information about the latest update :
    Launch PremiumFFAPHP resource on SpigotMC.

    System requirements :
    > PHP 7 or more (PHP 7.1 is recommended).
    > MySQL Database.
    > (phpMyAdmin is not required but recommended if you want to manage your database).
    > PremiumFFA (Plugins).

    Installation procedure :
    1. Download the resource
    2. Go to the PremiumFFAPHP-x.x folder in the downloaded archive
    3. Select all the files present inside the folder and extract.
    4. Configure the settings.php (inc/settings.php) file with the requested parameters
    5. Transfer the files to your website.
    6. The system is on and ready for operation

    Term of Use (ToU) [ When you download the resource, you accept the following rules]:
    > You can change the design
    > You can not re-upload or upload this resource without notifying the author's name and the creator name of the PremiumFFA plugin
    > You do not have the right to pass yourself off as the creator of the resource.
    > The copy of the resource is forbidden (whether it be the design or the php functions)[if you post that in public domain].
    > If you use this resource, you do not have the right to delete the following line in the footer "PremiumFFAPHP by R.C Company"

    If you need support or if you find a bug, please contact me (or join my discord here );)

    PremiumFFA Plugins :
    Liteban Plugins :
    AdvancedBan Plugins :
    Source Code :
    Demo/Preview :
    Documentation :
    xPaw - Minecraft_PHP_Query :
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  1. sir1pacman
    Version: 1.01
    Super that is someone who does online ranking. Good job! Amazing work! Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing

    Sorry for my English
  2. Vouchs
    Version: 1.01
    So lovely, Thank you so much!
    The absolute best Web Interface for PremiumFFA! :D