PremiumHelp 1.0.4-SNAPSHOT

Provide server documentation in style!

  1. Fixed main menu items that do not have a help section associated with them

    Now, if an item in the Main Menu does not have the same name as a help section, clicking it will do nothing and will no longer produce an error in console.
  2. Updated Default Configuration (optional update)

    I updated the default configuration to properly explain the way that entries are now shown on the menu (alphabetical based on entry name). No need to update if you're already using the plugin, it's just so that new users understand it and are not fed conflicting information :)
  3. Help entries are now sorted lexicographically

    Before, the sorting was not guaranteed. Now the sorting is alphabetical for all of the help entries for a given category.
  4. Fixed minor issue with command clicking returning to previous menu

    I forgot to fix this when I implemented the back functionality into the plugin (allowing you to go back to the main menu by clicking a border pane or an item without a command). Sorry about that...