PremiumJoin 1.0


  1. PentDeck
    Have premium members who cannot join servers when full? No problem!
    Ich created a plugin based on usual network plugins where you can kick members, wo are'nt premium members or teammembers. It is very easy to use:

    What does this plugin do?
    • Kick not whitelisted or not op'ed players when the server is full
    • Add or remove players
    • list whitelisted players


    • /pj enable
      • Enable the plugin (Default = enabled)
      • Permission: pj.command.enable
    • /pj disabled
      • Disable the plugin
      • Permission: pj.command.disable
    • /pj addMember <Name>
      • Add player or unique id to whitelist
      • Permission: pj.command.addmember
    • /pj removeMember <Name>
      • Remove player or unique id from whitelist
      • Permission: pj.command.removemember
    • /pj isMember <Name>
      • check player or unique id is listed
      • Permission: pj.command.list
    • /pj reloadconfig
      • reload the config
      • Permission: pj.command.reloadconfig

    To add a player per file you just put the name or the unique id to the list and insert /pj reloadconfig

    I hope you like this plugin and have much fun with it.

    A plugin by PentDeck
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