PremiumParty 1.4

Party Up With Your Friends And Have Fun!

  1. CrucialAddon
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    anniehando RebelD
    • Easy to use
    • Permissions
    • Auto-Updater (Optional)
    • Clean Code
    • Anti Invite-Spam
    • Invites expire after 30 seconds
    • Leader Warp/Teleport
    • Party chat
    • Party info/stats
    • Party names/descriptions
    • Party look up
    • Chat formatting
    • Party motds

    - party.use - Should be given to normal players (gives access to all party commands)
    - party.admin - Gives player all commands provided in this skript, displays the current version of this Skript in the command list, and soon there will be admin commands

    Code (Text):

        Command: party # Main command for the Skript
        CommandALIAS: p # An optional (alias) command for the main command
        PartyPERM: party.use # Permission for normal players
        AdminPERM: party.admin # Permission for all commands/functions
        Prefix: &8[&eParty&8] # Prefix for command related messages
        NoPermMSG: &cYou're not permitted to do this. # Sent when a player fails to have the required permission
        Chatformatting: true # If set to true, it formats the chat and displays the player's party
        Autoupdate: false # False by default - I reccomend turning it on because I might update regularly
        Version: 1.2 # Do not change

    - Skript - The Skript Itself
    - SkQuery - AutoUpdater
    - WildSkript - AutoUpdater

    To-Do List:
    • Party Names
    • Party Descriptions
    • Romanian language support
    • Party lookup command
    • Chat Format
    • Test on differenet spigot versions
    • Hook into other minigames or Skripts of mine
    • YOU DECIDE! (Let me know in the discussion section)

    NOTICE: Please do not edit the code unless you're sure you know what you're doing! :)

    Special thanks to anniehando for helping me test this Skript for several hours, and @RebelD for making Romanian language support!

    Don't forget to use the "Ro" version of PremiumParty if you speak fluent Romanian!


    Note that I implemented a Auto-Updater in this Skript and all you must do to enable it is set the "AutoUpdate" option to "true"
    You are free to edit the code, but please do not copy my code nor claim it as your own without my permission. I'm aware there are other party Skripts/Plugins but this one I've been testing for hours upon hours and I tried my hardest to make a quality party skript. I only know of one other party Skript, but I'm sure it's extremely buggy. Report bugs, give me feedback, write reviews, etc! Hope you enjoy folks!

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Recent Reviews

  1. furious.gamer
    Version: 1.4
    ---------------------Excelent Skript! Esti Roman? Si eu sunt developer!-----------------
  2. RebelD
    Version: 1.1
    Excellent plugin.You could add the feature that the party's name could be shown near player's name in chat.
    1. CrucialAddon
      Author's Response
      Adding that to Version 1.2, and thank you very much for making a copy of my Skript with Romanian messages! :)