PremiumParty 1.4

Party Up With Your Friends And Have Fun!

  1. Party MOTDs

    I added party motds to the skript so now whenever you login or type /party motd, you can see your party's motd that the owner set. (Inspired by Factions)

    Special thanks to @RebelD for once again doing the Romanian messages! <3

    Don't forget to rate the skript and report bugs you happen to find! Thank you for your support!

    Note that I will be testing the skript on 1.7 and 1.9 soon.
  2. Premium Party 1.3 - Careless mistake fixed

    To those with Autoupdater enabled, you already got this update, but here's what happened..

    I sincerely apologize for this mistake/bug. I feel the need to apologize because this was the most obvious bug that I've ever left unresolved.

    I don't remember if I simply forgot to fix it, or if legitimately just left it in the code.

    Besides the point it fixed the chatformat bug that left the chat looking like the following:

    [-] <none>: sample text (<none> should've been the player's name)

  3. Premium Party 1.2 - Some new stuff!

    In this update I've managed to add a few new features as well as adding support for Romanian users as I now have a file included in the downloads! New Features:

    - Made a party lookup command (/party who <name/player>
    - Made a chat formatting option that says your party's name in chat
    - Added Romanian language support as said above! (Special thanks to @RebelD)

    Don't forget to leave feedback and report bugs if any! <3
  4. PremiumParty 1.1 - More Commands

    In this update I have done the following things:

    - Made it so when you're making a party it's required to enter a party name
    - Added the option to make a party description
    - Edited a few messages
    - Fixed a couple minor bugs that were quite unnoticeable
    - Changed the download method (unimportant)
    - Edited the auto updater to announce what version it's updating to (I still recommend changing this option to "true" in the options section)

    Thank you guys for supporting this resource!