A professional quallity for completely nothing!

  1. JustSanchyro
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    SourcheMc, JustSanchyro
    Required: PermissionsEx & PlaceholderAPI

    Custom Weapons
    * Up to 45 custom kits
    * Ingame Kit Creator
    * Per World Support
    * Launchpad (Stone pressureplate) (Toggle in Config)
    * Shop
    * Laggfree
    * 100% Customizable Scoreboard
    * Buildmode (Toggle in Config)
    * Custom Join-leave messages(Toggle in Config)
    * Automatic Respawn (1.8 only) (Toggle in Config)
    * AntiDrop (Toggle in Config)
    * 100% Customizable Tablist
    * Customizable Chat Format
    * Customizable Prefix
    * Custom Economy System
    * Clickable Signs
    * Shift on Emerald Block for GUI Shop
    * Disable kits when needed
    * Check your own/others stats with /stats(player)
    * Killstreaks

    Clickable Sign:
    First row: [premiumpvp]
    Second row: (kit - stats - spawn)

    Terms and Conditions:
    You may not by the plugin / sell for money.
    2. The plug-in should not be gedecompild to use the code for their own use.
    3. The plugin should not be put online on the site whatsoever.
    4. If JustSanchyro stops the plugin then he is still claimed by JustSanchyro.
    5. JustSanchyro may change the code when he wants.

Recent Reviews

  1. Pepino_boy
    Lekker bezig!!!!!! Ziet er goed uit! Ga zo door.
    Suc6 met de plug-in ik weet dat je het kunt
    1. JustSanchyro
      Author's Response
      Thanks voor de 5 sterren!
      Ben er mee bezig :)
      Tot nu toe wordt t kapot gaaf!
      In mijn server komt deze plugin ook (zal eerder open zijn dan de plugin op internet staat in verband met config etc)
  2. ItzCodex
    Version: 1.9-BETA
    Eh noobje ga je je kitpvp nog updaten..
    grapje man <3 (beter je gaat wel keer update ziek veel downloads)
    1. JustSanchyro
      Author's Response
      Ben bezig met een complete remake met veel meer functies. Heb het alleen atm te druk met een server waar ik Head-Dev ben :P

      Im working on a complete rebuild with alot more functions. But im at the moment to busy on a server where i am Head-Developer :P
  3. DaaromRochdi
    Version: 1.8.1-BETA
    Nice Plugin I want more updates! #HYPE :/ GO verder Nice Plugin I have download it
    1. JustSanchyro
      Author's Response
      Hey man! Thanks for your reply!
      Ill hook into it when im done!
  4. Thommy_Farmin
    Version: v1.7
    Amazing plugin!

    Already using it since v1.0!
    I would love you to add a 100% customizable scoreboard!
    And can you please responce to my rate :)
    Hopefully will you continue updating this resource!

    Love the author and he is very active!
    Keep up the good work!
    1. JustSanchyro
      Author's Response
      Hey man, Thanks for your reply!
      Im working on that scoreboard thingy and something more!
  5. Kilian12K
    Version: v1.6.1
    Nice Plugin with many Featuresi like it!
    Can i make a Plugin Preview? (German)
    1. JustSanchyro
      Author's Response
      Dear Kilian12K,
      Thanks for your reply!
      Oufcourse can you make a previeuw!
      Better said: I would love you to!
      Thanks for the 5 stars,
      If you've any further questions or tips,
      DM Me!
  6. TynBjakkum
    Version: v1.6.1
    I really like this plugin! it has his own eco system and it works with multiverse! if you want a good KitPvP plugin. Use this one!!!
    1. JustSanchyro
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your reply!
      If you've any further questions let me know!

      PS: Your server has been added!
  7. Nickdewildt2005
    Version: v1.2
    This plugin is very good if you want a good kitpvp server.

    I will choose this plugin because:

    This plugin can be compiled into your own plugin

    He is fast with reloads

    And everything is easy to adjust
    1. JustSanchyro
      Author's Response
      Hey Nick,

      Thanks for your 5 stars!
      If you have any feautures you like me to add:
      Please tell me :P
      And whats your server-ip than will i add him to the test servers.
      If you want so.
  8. Thommy_Farmin
    Version: v1.2
    Wow, This plugin works perfect!
    Highly customizable.
    Please add multiworld support and maybe a function to create/customize kits?
    1. JustSanchyro
      Author's Response
      Hello Thommy,

      Thank you alot for your reply!
      Im working on multiworld support.
      Its comming out tomorrow if i succeed.
      The customizable kits are a bit harder to make but ill try it!

      Thanks for the 5 stars and hopefully a great time with the plugin!