PressurePlateLaunch 1.0.0

Add launching pressure plates to your server!

  1. TheOddPuff

    PressurePlateLaunch is a very small, but much requested plugin. When stepping on a pressure plate, the player will be launched into the air, which is very useful in hub servers.

    How to use
    To place launching plates you need to type /ppl build and place a pressure plate. You can use any of the 4 different pressure plates. When you walk over the plate, you will get launched into the air.

    pressureplatelaunch.use - Allows to use the launch plates
    pressureplatelaunch.command - Allows to use the command

    The plugin provides a small configuration file, which is explained here.
    launch-strength-forward: this value determines the forward launch strength
    launch-strength-up: this value determines the upwards launch strength
    launch-sound: this value determines if a sound should be played. Set this to 'none' to disable the sound. You can view all available sounds here: