PrettySimpleShop 1.4

A pretty simple shop plugin. No signs required. Supports DoubleChests and claim protections!

  1. 1.4 - any nameable container block can now be a shop!

    • Fix NPE on player interactions with air (apparently this causes event#getClickedBlock to be null)
    • Added a new shopBlocks stringlist to the config section
      • Any block that is a Nameable Container can be a shop. The defaults add Chest, Trapped Chest, and all shulker box colors to shopBlocks.
      • You can add other blocks such as Furnaces, Droppers, etc. if you so desire. Or remove some of the ones specified above. Just be aware that this only works with blocks that...
  2. 1.3.5

    • Clear /setprice if a player happens to forget or inadvertantly uses the command and didn't cancel it.
      • Also updated default message to state they can run /setprice again to cancel the setprice procedure.
    • Fix sending hoverable messages in spigot.
    • Properly delete display item if a chest is broken and is currently displaying the shop item.
    • Delete duplicate display items when a shop chest is converted into a doublechest.
    • Fix a NPE when a player attempts to...
  3. 1.3.4

    Fix NoClassDefError due to a shaded artifact not shading because they also changed their namespace slightly when changing maven repos...
  4. 1.3.3

    • Fixes a NPE that occurs when using /setprice on an unnamed chest
    Apparently one of you is using this on 1.8? It works on there???
  5. 1.3.2

    1.3.1 (since I forgot to release it here apparently):
    • Now any chest can become a shop. If there's a demand to restrict shops to only be those that are named "shop" or whatever you have specified in config, I'll see if I can re-add this. That being said, any chests that are named "shop" will still encourage the user to sell stuff in it, if that's how you're making users aware of creating shops.
      • The primary reasoning behind this change is to make it even easier for players...
  6. 1.2.4

    Updated BookUtil dependency to a 1.13-compatible version. Transaction confirmations should now work on 1.13 servers.
  7. 1.2.3

    This build should be mostly compatible with 1.13 and fully compatible with 1.12.2.

    • Gracefully disables transaction confirmations if the included BookUtil is out of date. (i.e., 1.13 servers at the moment won't have the transaction confirmation feature until a future release).
    • Fixes displayed items not being removed for doublechest shops that cross a chunk border.
    • Some other typos and stuff I made in non-released versions (been working off and on this for a few months...
  8. 1.2.2

    In this release:
    • Fixed a bug where a transaction involving a quantity greater than one would only deliver one item to the player, if the `showOffItems` was enabled in the config.
    Sorry GameFreakBaree, this download is also hosted on CurseForge's servers : p
  9. 1.2.1 - Even more GUI fanciness than CustomItemRecipe's update!

    • /shop is now configurable, along with a default message to instruct how a player may setup a shop (with default settings).
    • Instead of depositing items directly in the player's inventory, an inventory (internally called the "collection window) appears where the player can pick out the items they bought. This also more clearly shows a player what and how much they bought.
      • This also removes the issue of items stacking when they're not supposed to/exceeding their normal...