PrettySimpleShop 1.7.2

A pretty simple shop plugin. No signs required. Supports DoubleChests and claim protections!

  1. 1.7.2

    I forgot to release updates for this half a year ago... Pushed an update to BukkitDev... it's still pending in BukkitDev for 8 days now. So whatever, here it is right now.

    • Don't inadvertently load chunks when checking if a chunk is loaded
    • Fix confirmation book not appearing (change happened back in 1.15)
    • Fix exception when buying the entire stock of a doublechest (integer division modified to be round-up)
    • bump API to 1.16 to support new 1.16 item types
  2. 1.7.1

    • Delete shop on break feature revision: Spawn new item instead of trying to rename old item.
  3. 1.7.0

    • Add option to clear shop name when shop block is broken (so it automatically reverts to a chest). Defaults off (current behavior).
    • Use a more precise method for determining the shop the player is looking at for the actionbar details feature.
  4. 1.6.0

    A couple of new features have appeared in this update!
    • Shops can now also be selected via right-click if the player doesn't have access to the shop (as if left-clicking the shop).
    • Buy prompt in chat will now always appear when clicking a shop (instead of having to double-click or click the message in chat). This is configurable if you wish to use the old double-click behavior.
    • Shop details appear in the actionbar when looking at a shop.
  5. 1.5

    If you're on 1.13 or earlier, just use 1.4.2. The only change here is to fix 1.14 compatibility.
    • Use bukkit player#openBook to open the transaction confirmation prompt (since the open book plugin message is now its own packet as of 1.14).
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  6. 1.4.2

    If you like me you can support me c:

    Somehow I never released 1.4.1. Guess I got busy.

    • /buy command printed in transaction confirmation book can be altered in case you've aliased /buy to do something else on your server
    • Default /shop command revised to be more thorough about buying and selling. Delete the "shopCommand" line in your config to get the new default text, if you want it.
    • ...
  7. 1.4 - any nameable container block can now be a shop!

    • Fix NPE on player interactions with air (apparently this causes event#getClickedBlock to be null)
    • Added a new shopBlocks stringlist to the config section
      • Any block that is a Nameable Container can be a shop. The defaults add Chest, Trapped Chest, and all shulker box colors to shopBlocks.
      • You can add other blocks such as Furnaces, Droppers, etc. if you so desire. Or remove some of the ones specified above. Just be aware that this only works with blocks that...
  8. 1.3.5

    • Clear /setprice if a player happens to forget or inadvertantly uses the command and didn't cancel it.
      • Also updated default message to state they can run /setprice again to cancel the setprice procedure.
    • Fix sending hoverable messages in spigot.
    • Properly delete display item if a chest is broken and is currently displaying the shop item.
    • Delete duplicate display items when a shop chest is converted into a doublechest.
    • Fix a NPE when a player attempts to...
  9. 1.3.4

    Fix NoClassDefError due to a shaded artifact not shading because they also changed their namespace slightly when changing maven repos...
  10. 1.3.3

    • Fixes a NPE that occurs when using /setprice on an unnamed chest
    Apparently one of you is using this on 1.8? It works on there???