PrevailVouchers 1.0.0

Create highly Customiseable vouchers, with a variety of settings

  1. Askingg
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    Any (All messages are editable within the config file)
    Prevail Vouchers

    » PrevailVouchers is a voucher/coupn plugin. This allows you to give your players an item, which they can redeem, causing the console to execute command(s).
    » This plugin has lots of stand out features, such as settings to decide what happens when a player's inventory is full when receiving a voucher, only allowing players to redeem a voucher if they have a certain permission (whitelist), only allowing players to redeem a voucher if they don't have any permissions contained within a list (blacklist), and more...
    » And the plugin is free, so there is no reason not to install it and give it a try. If you like the plugin a donation would be grealy appreciated, but it not required.

    Commands »
    Vouchers Help » View the command list
    » Vouchers List » View a list of all vouchers
    » Vouchers Give » Give vouchers to a player
    » Vouchers Reload » Reload the config file

    » » Access to the /Vouchers Help command
    » prevail.vouchers.list » Access to the /Vouchers List command
    » prevail.vouchers.give » Access to the /Vouchers Give command
    » prevail.vouchers.reload » Access to the /Vouchers Reload command

    Configuration »
    Some things editable within the config include »
    Click Types (Essential if you have some form of player/chest shop system.
    » What happens when someone receives a voucher and their inventory is full (Attempt to add it to their EnderChest, drop it on the floor etc..
    » All of the plugin's messages, including a prefix placeholder/variable, the format of the help list, the format of the voucher list etc..
    » The voucher's themselves (Including the item (Name, Lore etc.. and settings for when a player redeems it (permission whitelist & blacklist etc..)
    » Default config.yml file »

    Support »
    For any support relating to this plugin, please contact me either personally via discord @Askingg#2481 or join the PrevailPlugins discord server at
    » Also, if you wish to make any suggestions for features to be added to this plugin, or for entirely new/different plugins. You're also free to suggest those via either of the methods stated above.

    Usage ideas (Just some suggestions, this info is not vital)
    If you include ranks or commands in your crates, you could instead give a player a voucher for it. That way if they win a rank which they already have (or have a better one) then they could give their winning to a player who needs it.
    » If your donation store has some form of top donator rewards, and you allow 'IRL deals'. People may be less willing to purchase items for other players as it will contribute towards their donation rewards, rather than the actual donator's (And whenever the serve resets, the person who actually donated will not receive the items, but instead the person they purchased it for would.) If you made it give your donators a redeemable item, then they could buy it to their account, and give that book to the player whom they're participating in an IRl deal with.
    » If you include some form unlockables system in your server, such as trails, chat colors etc.. Then perhaps you would want to give your players vouchers for these, that way if they already have one of them they can give/sell it to another player who does not.