PreventObsidianCrash 2021-01-15

About This plugin will prevent a crash on spigot servers where a certain setup with a dispenser with

  1. Tschallacka
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    Prevent Obsidian Dispenser Crash
    In minecraft 1.16.4 there is a crash possible by putting a flint and steel in a dispenser pointing downwards with two airblocks below it, with a piece of obsidian on the side. Minecraft tries to do a light a portal check, but crashes during that process. This happens in single player as well as on servers. As this is very annoying, this plugin cancels the dispenser when this specific scenario occurs, saving you a server crash.

    This issue is fixed in spigot 1.16.5. I recommend updating your server ASAP


    Schema of the setup
    Code (Text):

    # = dispenser with flint and steel
    O = obsidian
    . = air


Recent Reviews

  1. RustyTheCodeguy
    Version: 2021-01-15
    Really works for 1.16.4. Didn't know earlier about this bug. Will be fine with support older versions of the game.