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keep track of your playmates in minecraft

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    • 1.13
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    keep track of your playmates in minecraft

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    Pride is a suite of lightweight Minecraft tools for Spigot/Bukkit servers. The core mod, pride.jar, helps players keep track of each other without the use of any dependancies. Although relatively simple in its design, this plugin aims to be really useful and offer a nice supplement to the built-in navigation features of Minecraft.

    In addition to pride.jar, it is highly recommended that server runners use the Pride webapp, which allows for easy management of all features of Pride, and some added bonuses -- such as adding multiple screenshots to create a blog-like website which can be easily saved and exported to external publishing.

    Finally, some legacy users of Pride will need to convert from the old YAML string format to the new YAML dynamic format, a transition that occured in the first 0.4.0 version. This format is essential for powering the webapp and all 0.4.x and beyond features. To convert from the old format to the new format, use tigon by copy and pasting your config.yml.

    • /areas <page_number>
    • /settle <name>
    • /abandon <name>
    • /far <name>
    • /here <optional:username>
    • /between <name_1>, <name_2>
    • /compass <optional:area>
    • /north
    Pride is most useful when paired with its simple webapp, designed to be ran locally on your computer.

    If your server can be accessed with FTP, drop the host, user, and password in a .env file in the root /webapp directory.

    When launched using npm start (make sure to run npm install beforehand), the webapp will download the /plugins/pride/config.yml automatically and use it along with its own local JSON file to power the website.


    0.4.x Features
    • /north command to point your compass to the NORTH direction
    • /areas <page_number> instead of /pride, includes pagintion to fix message spam
    • New YAML file format
    • New Webapp which can connect to the YAML file (doesn't require server to be running)
    Use tigon to convert between 0.3.x and 0.4.x file formats!
    <iframe src="" height="400" width="550"></iframe>
    0.3.x Features
    • Create "Pride areas", which represent the area where you are located (by default 50 blocks large, but can be configured in the config.yml)
    • Detect when entering a "Pride area" and send a message to the server
    • List, remove, and calculate distance from "Pride areas"
    0.3.x config.yml
    initialized: true
    distance: 50
    Ocean Monument Entrance: -1287.35,29.56,-7453.77
    Birch & Brick: -593.27,83.00,-4818.50
    Cottage on the Cliff of the Icebergs: -910.49,74.00,-7357.35
    Chicken Farm: -705.96,67.00,-8065.75
    Pride was not built using Eclipse or any other IDE. Although you can use one, the instructions below are for building and running this plugin with only the command line and a few easy to understand tools.

    • Make to run the makefile, although each command inside this file can be ran on its own
    • spigot.jar or bukkit.jar version 1.13.2 or above, currently expected in a local server/ directory
    • Java 10 or above, required for javac and jar to run
    NOTE: Make sure the Java version on your server and the Java version on the machine that builds Pride are the same, otherwise Bukkit/Spitgot will not allow it to run.

    make plugin
    • cleans build/
    • compiles the plugin/ directory
    • builds a .jar
    • moves it into server/plugins/ for use in the Spigot/Bukkit server
    make server
    • launches the server
    Julian Weiss & Anna Raykovska
    [email protected]

    See LICENSE. (c) 2019 Julian Weiss.


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