Primary Warps 1.0.1

Easily manage admin-controlled warps in a simple UI!

  1. Mysticat
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
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    Primary Warps in a light-weight, simple Paper plugin developed for the Mysticraft server to provide players with an easy way to move between Admin-controlled warps!

    Command aliases are /primarywarp, /pwarp, and /pw


    Fully Configurable!
    All response messages are taken from the config file so you can personalize your interactions with your users! Here is the default look:


    An easy to use GUI!
    Players can access a GUI menu of all warps in the plugin. Within this menu, each warp can have it's item, display name, lore, and even enchantments customized! (If you would want that for some reason). You can have up to 54 warps until more pages are added.


    primarywarps.* - Admin - Warp menu access
    primarywarps.list - List created warps
    primarywarps.use.* - Use all warps
    primarywarps.use.<warp id> - Use specific warp
    primarywarps.create - Create a warp
    primarywarps.remove - Remove a warp
    primarywarps.get.item - Get the item of a warp
    primarywarps.set.* - All set perms
    primarywarps.set.item - Set the item of a warp - Set the display name of a warp
    primarywarps.lore.* - All lore perms
    primarywarps.lore.add - Append lore to a warp
    primarywarps.lore.set - Edit lore of a warp
    primarywarps.lore.remove - Remove lore of a warp - List all commands
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Recent Updates

  1. Minor bug fixed!