PrimeHubConnector | Multi-Lobby | Low Effort 2020-04-24

Connects you to an Hub-Server

  1. PrimeAPI
    ● PrimeHubConnector ●

    Here is a little Hub-Plugin. Noting special :eek:
    I'm sorry for my horrible english, pls report all mistakes ^^

    × Features ×

    » You can use eitgher one Hub, or multiple hubs.
    » Selects a random hub if lobby-count is > 1
    » All messages configurable
    » /hub
    » /l
    » /lobby

    × Support ×
    Bei Fragen, Problemen oder Bugs entweder das GitLab issues portal nutzen, oder auf meinem Discord vorbeischauen

    × Config ×
    Code (Text):
    [LEFT]  amount: 2
      name: Lobby-
      connecting: §7Connecting to %server%
      falure: §cAn error appeared while connecting to %server%
      alreadyOnHub: §cYou're already on Hub!