Prism (Refracted) 3.2.0

Change tracking and rollback/restore tools.

  1. viveleroi
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:

    Original Author Returns!

    I started this project a decade ago and while I left the scene for Sponge and other work, Minecraft and the development tools matured, I've since returned to server ownership, and am heavy into plugin development. Long story short, I felt it was best to begin a fresh edition.

    There's a lot we can do to improve this plugin and the source code for 2022 and beyond, so in addition to maintenance updates on 2.x/3.x, keep and eye out for v4!! In progress now on github!


    We're working on getting documentation up. Please DO NOT post bugs or issues in reviews. Please come to our brand new discord:


    Features Overview
    • Prism tracks tons of different player, entity, and world events.
    • Multiple tools and commands let you see exactly what happened.
    • Powerful rollback/restore engine with complex search criteria.
    • Several extra grief management features.
    • Fully configurable wand system, with multiple modes and per-player personalization so it works exactly how you want.
    • Rollback or restore events directly, or with a preview mode first.
    • Highly configurable event tracking, to work just the way you want it.
    • Safe command defaults (can be configured), very clean and easy to read chat messages.
    • Requires MySQL/MariaDB
    Event Detail
    • Includes block changes, container access, item inserts/remove/pickups/drops, entity deaths, shearing, vehicle events, and a LOT more.
    • Related events tracked to causing player like blocks falling, blocks detaching, trees growing, and much more.
    • Smart logging and rollback of important related data like sign text, sheep color, wolf owner, animal age, villager profession, etc
    • Tracks liquid flow and items that break because of it (lava/water-break can be tracked even when *-flow is off)
    • Tracks world edits (requires WorldEdit)
    • Fine-tuned config allows you to control tracking of every single event.
    • Powerful config/personalization system for all wands - set the mode, item, even allow users to personalize how their own wands work.
    • Inspector wand allows you to find history for single blocks/spaces.
    • The /near command finds recent events around you.
    • Lookup command is extremely powerful with our versatile parameters.
    • Lookup results group together, turning hundreds of duplicate records for a player into one, with a count.
    • Powerful parameters support exclusions, listing multiple, partial name filter, and more.
    • Action names also have short-names for easier typing and can be used to combine related actions.
    • Radius parameter supports world edit selections, basing off another online player, and more.
    • A wide range of flags allow you to change lookup behavior at command time
    • Very clean chat messages and paginated results to ease your burden, with clickable interface.
    Rollbacks, Restore, Preview (R/R/P)
    • Rollback and restore commands with powerful search criteria.
    • Rollback or restore directly, or preview changes for both modes first.
    • Apply/cancel previews, or let them auto-cancel after a minute.
    • Extremely safe default parameters make it harder for you to make mistakes, but can be overridden in-game when you absolutely need them, or can be disable entirely via config.
    • You can even rollback killed entities, items taken from containers, broken vehicles, and more.
    • Sign rollbacks will restore their text
    • Rollbacks of burn events also extinguish fires.
    • Rollbacks of TNT/creeper explosion events also remove the laggy item drops.
    • Heavily tested to ensure that rollbacks are smart - problem items like doors, beds, cactus, sugar cane, and others are always restored properly! No half-doors!
    • Rollbacks/restores can be alerted to nearby players, and to staff members (staff see actual rollback params).
    • Rollback systems moves any players or animals in the way to a safe position on rollback
    • Rollback/restore world edits (requires WorldEdit 7.0.1)
    • Advanced, optional flags give you ultimate control over the rollback/restore action at command-time.
    Extra Features
    • Alerts for staff when players find natural ores (configurable).
    • Alerts for staff when players use flint and steel, place lava.
    • Alerts for staff on configurable list of placed/broken blocks (like tnt).
    • Alerts for staff for suspected piston xray cheats.
    • Put out fires with the extinguish command
    • Drain all liquids or just water/lava
    • Profile wand shows you data about a block.
    • The /what command identifies items you hold.
    • Prism API allows other plugins to query and record data.
    • Lookup API allows plugins to perform a lookup, and process the results.
    • Rollback/Restore API allows a plugin to activate a rollback/restore and process the results
    • Custom Event tracking: Plugins can define custom events that Prism can track for them.
    • Custom Event Applier: Plugins can define custom rollback/restore code for their own events!!

    • viveleroi, created for his Darkhelmet Minecraft server
    • github contributors, former stewardship by addstarmc
    • Artwork by LegendarySoldier

Recent Updates

  1. Misc fixes and improvements
  2. Various improvements
  3. Minor updates

Recent Reviews

  1. TNTUP
    Version: 3.2.0
    WELCOME BACK viveleroi!!!!

    Vive Le Roi !!!! VIVE LE ROI!!! Hehe :P (funny tho the name is in french XD)

    Been an user of Prism since 1.7.X iirc
  2. Soul_cutting
    Version: 3.0.3
    The plug-in is great, can you support 1.12.2?????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. adamk523
    Version: 3.0.3
    Holy crap it's back. I've tried to fill the void left since 1.7 using CoreProtect, but it doesn't hold a candle to Prism's advanced features, more accurate rollbacks, and far greater amounts of events logged. Thank you so much for reviving this, viveleroi, I can't wait to switch our server back over to Prism after so many years!
    1. viveleroi
      Author's Response
      Very happy to have you back! I can't wait for you see version4!
  4. VQ9
    Version: 3.0.0
    Prism is the best block logger, rollback engine works nicely (looking forward to v4). API is useful as well for my discord webhook integration! Thanks for porting this to 1.18, glad your back to Prism.
    1. viveleroi
      Author's Response
      Appreciate the kind words! I would love to see what you've done with discord webhooks. Come to the discord if you're willing to share it.