Prism 2.1.7

A powerful grief management system for rollbacks, restores and more!

  1. Removed advertising

    This update has no functional changes - It only removes some advertising that was against SpigotMC's rules.
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  2. Bug fix

    Just fixing a couple of minor NPE's
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  3. 2.1.7

    See previous update notes
  4. Bugfix release for Prism

    This is a final Prism Release that supports 1.15.2. All future releases will target 1.16.2. We may add back compatibility in future releases.

    This was mostly a bug fix release
    The paste integration has been moved to - we recommend making an account on there to manage pastes.
    Better debug support was added.
    The entire project was reformatted for consistency.

    Please uses issues for bugs and discord for help
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  5. Prism 2.1.6 Released

    AddstarMC is happy to announce a new update to Prism - the best logging system for Spigot / CraftBukkit based Minecraft servers!!!

    Change Log

    Bug Fixes
    • Fix light levels in ore alerts
    • Fix Codahale Shading and ensure class not found errors are solved for 2.1.6. Relocate DripReporter
    • Fix error when using /invsee (or similiar) - Fixes #132...
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  6. Minor changes

    This release has a few minor changes:
    • Horse movement speed is now save/restored.
    • Fix "-no-group" when using SQL compatibility mode ("useNonStandardSql: false").
    • Improve message formatting when using extended lookups.
    • Update to WorldEdit 7.1.0
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