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Customize your player display name, color, and chat color with a powerful and convenient GUI!

  1. Automation, New command, template & Messages

    Time to get things moving!
    Some changes were made to make things a bit easier - you can now use /pc remove and /pc reload from the console.

    A new command has been added to support automation.
    /pc template <player> <template> - this one is supported from console as well. Want to automatically set a template for a donor? Now you can! (Player must be online).
    In addition, players with the permission prismaticcolors.admin.templateothers can use this command in-game.

    Due to a request, a new glowing template was added - SolidGold. Do check it out. Premium level: 1000%

    -Lots of new messages have were added.

    I am super excited about the summer! I have so many ideas! Let's hope I can make them all a reality!
    Also - we are hitting 2,000 downloads verrryyy sooon :D
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