Prison Guard 0.0.0

Alpha, Dev Stages

  1. Vorqe
    Currently the project is in alpha and is still in development stages. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE!
    Prison Guard 0.0.0
    Prison Guard will allow Guards on you're sever to fulfill there duty's by being given a set of tools to keep players under control everything will be configurable.

    /guard - Base command will return config data(All Guards Listen in Config.yml)
    /guard <on|off> - Enable Guard mode or Disable it for the sender
    /guard warn <PLAYER> - Add a warning to a player(READ WARNING SYSTEM BELOW)
    /guard disable - Remove all guards and disable all features
    /guard enable - Enable all the features and reset all configs
    /guard jail <PLAYER> - Jail a player for the default time in the config.yml
    /guard mute <PLAYER> - Mute a player for the default time in the config.yml
    /guard setjail - Set the jail location where jailed players will be sent

    Warning System
    The warning system will allow the guards to add a certain amount of warning to a player before they are punished, the amount will be configurable in the config.yml. Punishments will be for example sending the player to jail or muting that will also be able to be changed in the config.yml.

    Jail System
    Instead of using essentials jails I will be creating a jail system that will allow you send players for a certain amount of time and have more control over them also.

    Mute System
    The mute system will work like most other you have seen apart from you can set the time via command instead of keeping the players muted but that will also be a option.

    Guard Tools
    You will be able to customize the inventory the guards are given when they are on duty this will not effect any economy as they will not be able to move any items out of the inventory so no cheating guards!

    Config Logs
    All features of this plugin will record data when it is used for example when a guard is enabled guard mode it will save the time and date as well as location and the guards name, this will be useful if you're player report any kind of abuse. There will be more recorded but that is all at this time.