Prison Potion 1.2

Give Players Permanent Potion Effects Via One Command And Easy To Use Plugin!

  1. MinecraftInventz
    Prison Potion: This Plugin Allows A Server Owner To Be Able To Choose Which Useful Potion Effects That They Give To Their Players Via A Config And All They Have To Do To Activate Them Is One Simple Command!

    The Potion Effects You Choose Are Fully Configurable On Which You Pick!

    Current Potions In Plugin Are:
    • Night Vision
    • Haste
    • Saturation
    • Speed
    • Jump Boost
    More Can Be Added On Request!

    Code (Text):
    #PrisonPotion V1.0
    #Plugin By MinecraftInventz
      NightVision: true
      Haste: true
      Saturation: true
      Speed: true
      JumpBoost: true


    /PP: Toggles The Potion Effects On/Off!
    /PP Help: Displays The Help Page For The Plugin!
    /PP Reload: Reloads The Plugins!


    Use The /PP Command - prisonpotion.use
    Use The /PP Reload Command - prisonpotion.reload


Recent Reviews

  1. pramsing
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin if you use it right, keep learning! :)