Prison Prefix V 2.0.0

A simple prefix plugin to use

  1. Initial Release

    Prison Prefix
    The plugin uses permissions to control prefixes. This was designed for prison servers that would like donator suffixes to be a prefix. Although it was designed for prison servers, this can be really useful.

    There is only one command. The command is /prisonprefix. The command reloads the configuration file.

    There are only 2 permissions. There is is prisonprefix.reload. It is required for the /prisonprefix command and there is also prisonprefix.exempt which does not put the prefix in front of your name. This is useful for people with '*' permissions. All other permissions can be set in the configuration file.

    So here is the config file!
    Code (text):
    prefix: '&e[&3Donator&e]'
    weight: 1
    permission: 'prisonprefix.donator'
    In order to add a new rank, just copy and paste the default and change the values. The name of the rank doesn't really matter and is just there. The weight is to choose which one takes priority; so if you have 2 permissions, the one with the lower weight will be the prefix.

    In order to install the plugin, you will need a chat plugin and a permissions plugin. You will need to edit the format of the chat and put '{prisonprefix}' where ever you want the prefix to be in the chat format. The plugin should be compatible with all chat plugins if not all.

    I don't ask for/expect donations, although they are welcome. If you wish to help me out, you can PM me and I will give you my email address. Thanks.
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