Prison Prefix V 2.0.0

A simple prefix plugin to use

  1. Prison Prefix 2.0

    The plugin has been remade and is much more efficient and maintainable. There are a few methods that developers can hook into so feel free to snoop around.

    The new documentation can be found within the newly generated config. Previous configuration files can be kept as the new version follows the same format. "weight" needs to be renamed to "priority" however.

    In the update, various bugs have been fixed including weights. They are explained in the config. The reload command has been...
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  2. PrisonPrefix - V1.1.2 - Fixes all issues

    The update fixes all issues which include multiple prefixes not working, always choosing the first prefix and the reload command requiring two reloads. This has all been fixed. Debugging messages have also been removed.
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  3. PrisonPrefix - V1.1.1 - Bug fixes

    This should hopefully fix all issues people are having.
  4. PrisonPrefix - V1.1 - Multiple prefixes

    Multiple prefixes are now supported! You may need to regenerate your config. I have not tested this version so there are no guarantees that this version will work. If there are any issues, please paste the stacktrace on the console to pastebin and post in the thread.

    EventPriority is now set to MONITOR.
  5. Initial Release

    Prison Prefix
    The plugin uses permissions to control prefixes. This was designed for prison servers that would like donator suffixes to be a prefix. Although it was designed for prison servers, this can be really useful.

    There is only one command. The command is /prisonprefix. The command reloads the configuration file.

    There are only 2 permissions. There is is prisonprefix.reload. It is required for the /prisonprefix command and there is also prisonprefix.exempt which does not put...