Prison - The Final Release v3.2.0

This does for Prison, like what carryout does for dinner: makes it easy.

  1. Version 3.2.0 - The Final Release

    This is a production quality release that has been tested to work with Spigot servers running 1.8.x through 1.14.4.

    The version of the changes have been changed to v3.2.0.

    These changes include many changes, enhancements, bug fixes, and performance improvements. See the change log for details.

    This release will be pulled back in to the main project. At that point this will be obsolete.
  2. Version 3.5.2-beta.1 - First Beta! Now can TP to mines!

    We are done with alpha tagging! Time to focus on getting this released!

    • New Feature: Add a text component to RowComponent
      Expanded the ability of RowComponent to accept argumented text now.

    • New Feature: Add volume to the mines info
      Provide a little more information for mines with the mine's volume.

    • Bug fix: Mine blocks updating wrong values and problems deleting blocks
      Fixed a few bugs with adding, setting, and deleting by the wrong value. By default...
  3. Version 3.5.2-alpha.6 - Final Alpha Release! Time for beta!

    Guava Caching - Google Caching - Redundancy

    These are notes pertaining to a Gauva library that is not making much sense.
    I'm trying to rationalize its removal for a much simpler DAO interface which can
    then better focus on simplicity and reduced failures, along with improved performance.
    There is a cache that is between the file system and the mines data. I'm sure the same
    technologies are in place for the prison-roles too. This is causing
    me much trouble since I...
  4. Updates and bug fixes with removal of unused libraries

    Update gson library from v1.7 to v1.8.6
    Updated library.

    Removed the unused library com.fasterxml.jackson
    This library was not used anywhere so it was removed from the gradle configs.

    Removed the unused library json-simple v1.1.1
    This is also an obsolete and archived project. Removed to reduce compile time
    and bloat of the build.

    TP Player if feet are one block below mine
    Technically they would not be standing within the mine, but since their head is within...
  5. Version 3.5.2-alpha.4 - Major Refactoring and Successful Testing

    Found another possible cause for suffocation after a mine reset
    I think I identified what could have been causing some of the suffocation events to happen
    during a mine reset. It was not related so much to a bug or code, so it wouldn't
    be something that could be detected with debugging. What it appears to have been
    is related to the speed in which the mines reset, or more exactly, the
    server lag or load. If the player is TP'd and then the mines are slow at being reset,
    then the...
  6. Version 3.5.2-alpha.2 - Block Search Added!

    New functionality!! Block search!!

    Please note that this is still an alpha release and is not fully ready for a production deploy. If you do have issues with this release, please open an issue at the link below.

    You can now search for blocks to add to the mines! It uses the BlockTypes and is able to search on the ID and the enumeration name. It displays up to 10 at a times and provides Next Page and Previous Page controls to page through the results. You are able to click through...
  7. Version 3.5.2-alpha.1 - TP Rewrite and Decimal Support for Block Chances

    TP of Players out of the Mines upon Reset In an effort to help start to address the known bug [[​IMG]] I rewrote the player teleport function to clean it up and to hopefully address the issue.
    I personally was unable to get it to fail under minecraft 1.13.2, but I have reports that it is failing under mc 1.8.8.

    New functionality!! Decimals in Block chances now...