Prison 3.2.10

Makes creating a Prison server even easier!

  1. SirFaizdat
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    RoyalBlueRanger, AnonymousGCA (GABRYCA), Madog24, Norbik1004, ValdemarF, SirFaizdat (creator), Camouflage100, Perksey, GladiatorMC
    Languages Supported:
    English, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Flemish, Dutch
    Prison SpigotMC page v1.1.4
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    An all-around Open-Source Prison Plugin.

    Prison now fully supports Spigot 1.17 and Java 16 with the new Prison v3.2.8 release!!


    • Ranks
    • Rankup/Prestige commands
    • Prestiges
    • Mines
    • BlockEvents on block break inside Mines.
    • Block Constraints full control over block spawning: min, max, and layering.
    • Rank Commands run during rankup events.
    • Mine Commands run during mine reset events.
    • SellAll and SellAll Signs
    • AutoSell
    • AutoBlock
    • AutoPickup
    • AutoSmelt
    • [NEW] Backpacks
    • AutoConfigure Prison ranks, mines, and blocks.
    • Placeholders well over 100.
    • Hex colors support (RGB)
    • GUIs for: Ranks, Mines, Prestiges, SellAll, Admin, Players.
    • Customizable
    • Supported plugins

    • New Feature: Prison now has a new auto-configure feature to get you up and running quickly: /ranks autoConfigure. Sets up all the ranks, virtual mines, links ranks to the mines, assigns blocks to mines in increasing value, auto assign mine liners, and generates rank commands to control basic permissions. More features being added...

    • Ranks with Prestiges: Highly customizable with rankup commands.
    • Rankup and Prestige commands, including promote, demote, and set rank.
    • Mines: Highly customizable with many features. Powerful mine editing commands to move and dynamically resize mines, even to repair surrounding terrain, even auto generation of mine liners with ladders.
    • Mine commands with many customizations to control reset behavior and setup.
    • New Feature: BlockEvents allows firing commands when players break blocks with many features such as percent chance, tied to permissions, targeting Token Enchant Explosion Events, etc.
    • New Feature: Block Constraints allows you to zero in on a minimum or maximum number of blocks to place within your mine. You can also control the placement of blocks to specific layers.
    • SellAll and SellAll Signs.
    • Auto manager: auto pickup, auto smelt, and auto block, with AutoSell capabilities. Includes options to enable durability wear on tools, XP for mining, no limit on Fortune, etc...
    • GUI menu support for most player and admin functions.
    • Over 100+ Placeholders including Aliases, with placeholder attribute support for dynamic customization of most placeholders.
    • Supports hex colors! Provides advance support of hex colors in placeholders to help provide hex color support in other plugins that don't support hex colors. That's right! Hex colors used in Prison placeholders can work in plugins that don't support hex colors!
    • Custom Blocks support using Custom Items plugin.
    • New Feature: Now tracks all blocks mined, by their types.
    • Prison supports, and works with, many other plugins.


    Prison has many features with many commands. The main command, /prison, will show all of Prison's main root commands and their registered aliases. When using commands, Prison's command hander provides command lists of valid commands, and also help on each adding the help keyword after the command. The help also includes the list of permissions if the command requires permissions.
    Prison has many commands with this list being a small subset of what is available. Many of these are provide listings of sub-commands and are worth exploring.

    • /prison
    • /prison placeholders
    • /prison placeholders reload
    • /prison version

    • /mines
    • /mines wand
    • /mines block
    • /mines block constraint
    • /mines blockEvents
    • /mines command
    • /mines info
    • /mines list
    • /mines set (15 sub-commands)
    • /mines tp

    • /ranks
    • /ranks autoConfigure
    • /ranks command
    • /ranks ladder
    • /ranks perms
    • /ranks set

    • /sellall
    • /sellall gui
    • /sellall sell
    • /sellall setdefault

    • /gui
    • /gui mines
    • /gui ranks
    • /gui prestiges
    • /gui backpack
    • /gui admin

      Rankup related commands for admins and players:
    • /ranks
    • /rankup
    • /rankupmax
    • /prestige
    • /prestiges
    • /ranks promote
    • /ranks demote
    • /ranks set rank

    Prison's main root command /prison, with it's sub-commands, including other registered root commands and aliases.


    Example of using the help keyword. The help keyword shows a description of the command, all parameters, all permissions, and aliases.


    For a full list of commands checkout our online guidebooks using the link at the bottom of the page, or run the command /prison.


    Prison does not have any hard dependencies, but it is required to have a currency registered with Prison in order to use the Ranks module. Vault is a highly recommended plugin that Prison uses to connect to any economy plugin or permission plugin that supports Vault.

    • [Dependency] -> Vault (Highly suggested)
    • [Dependency] -> An economy plugin like EssentialsX for example.
    • EssentialsX
    • EssentialsXChat Useful for setting up chat prefixes
    • PlaceholderAPI (PAPI) and/or MVdWPlaceholderAPI to use Prison Placeholders.
    • HolographicDisplays which also require HolographicExtension to use Prison's placeholders.
    • Permissions Manager (LuckPerms for example).
    • GemsEconomy can be used for alternative currencies
    • Custom Items provides support for Customized Blocks that can be used within mines, plus other items.]
    • TokenEnchant fully supports TE's Explosive enchantments.
    • Crazy Enchantments supports BlastUse events.
    • Multiverse-core
    • Scoreboards
    • Tokens Can use with BlockEvents to give tokens to players as they mine.
    • WorldGuard when using Regions, along with a permission plugin, can provide protection to mines.
    • MinesBackPacks use with auto pickup and SellAll

    [​IMG] Some info about Ranks:
    • Create ranks for users to buy.
    • Use multiple rank ladders. For example, you could have a prestiges ladder (by default), or a donor ladder, etc.
    • Run commands when users rank up, to give them access to new permissions or set off fireworks in their place.
    • Show rank tags in chat with the help of a chat formatting plugin, such as EssentialsX-Chat.
    • Ranks have 40 placeholders, including aliases!
    • Admins can promote, demote, or assign ranks to players. You can choose if the player has to pay for a promotion, or if they get a refund with a demote.
    • Custom currencies are supported with ranks through the GemsEconomy plugin.
    • Prison now supports Prestiges too!
    • Many other features, try the Plugin to find out!
    • Ranks and Ladders Guidebook.
    [​IMG] Some info about Mines:
    • Create mines for players to collect materials.
    • Have mines automatically reset after a certain amount of time.
    • Interactively edit the composition of your mines.
    • Teleport your players to safety during a mine reset, so they don't suffocate.
    • 28 mine specific placeholders for each mine, including aliases!
    • Has GUI support on all Mine features too!
    • Many commands to customize your mine such as reset time, reset notifications, setting each mine's spawn point, change the sort order, etc...
    • If you have a HUGE mine, you can enable mine reset paging. This feature ensures that even with the largest mine, your server will not lag with resets!
    • Ability to enable and control when a mine resets, or when it skips resets. If no one has mined any blocks, then you can tell it to skip the reset. You can even set percent thresholds on when it resets.
    • Players can now use prison TP commands to tp to the mines they have access to.
    • Use a block search to add blocks to your mine and eliminate guesswork on what the blocks are called.
    • Works great with Multiverse-core!
    • Mines have mine commands. Run commands before or after a mine reset. This can hook into other plugins or custom features to make your mines unique and amazing.
    • Has auto manager feature: auto pickup, auto smelt, autoblock. With XP, durability, and fortune support.
    • Has support for new sellall features which are tied in to Prestige levels.
    • Many other features, try the Plugin to find out!
    • Mines guidebook.
    There're 4 main AutoFeatures:
    • AutoPickup
    • AutoSmelt
    • AutoBlock
    • AutoSell (Hooked to SellAll).

    What's AutoPickup:
    • Pickup automatically broken blocks in Mines.
    • Supports Luck, Durability, Exp.
    • Customizable through configs and in-game with a GUI (/GUI).
    What's AutoSmelt:
    • Smelt automatically ores in your inventory, for example Iron Ore will be "smelted" into Iron Ingots.
    • Customizable through configs and in-game with a GUI (/GUI).
    What's AutoBlock:
    • Make Blocks automatically from ores in your inventory, for example 9 Iron Ingots into an Iron Block.
    • Customizable through configs and in-game with a GUI (/GUI).
    What's AutoSell:
    • Sell automatically items in your inventory when Full.
    • AutoSell auto Toggle, you can let users enable or disable AutoSell (/sellall auto toggle).
    • Customizable through configs and GUIs.

    What's SellAll:
    • SellAll's a feature giving the ability to users to sell all their sellable stuff in their inventory for money, more valuable stuff = more money.
    • Supports Multipliers, a kind of SellAll booster, this will let you earn more money depending on your multiplier, it's possible to add a permission with the extra amount of multiplier, edit the default multiplier, or hook it to a Prestige.
    • This's hooked with AutoSell, which's part of AutoFeatures and will work only inside Prison Mines, by the way, SellAll's usable outside of Mines.
    • Editable in-game, GUIs, and configs.
    • SellAll Guidebooks.
    What are Backpacks [New]:
    Backpacks are a feature that gives you the ability to own a second virtual inventory to store your items.
    You can edit many options in the Backpacks config which's in the backpacks folder, before starting using backpacks you should enable them in the config.yml.
    Main commands:
    • /backpack
    • /gui backpack
    • /gui backpackslist
    • /backpack item
    • /backpack list
    • /backpack delete
    • /backpack help


    Placeholders provide Prison's internal data about players, mines, and ranks to other plugins. Prison provides many placeholders so you can get the details that you are needing so you can customize your server the way you envision it. Using placeholder attributes, Prison has an easy way to dynamically format most placeholders so they can best suit your design needs.
    Placeholder attributes are additional settings that are included within the actual placeholder that you define within your other plugins. These placeholder attributes provide dynamic adjustments to number formatting, including the choice of various units (metric, binary, and standard units), customizations to progress bars, and enabling and alternative translations for hex colors.

    • Over 100+ Placeholders, including aliases, are available for your server.
    • Rank Placeholders: placeholders that pertain to the player. These include Ranks, Prestiges, rankup costs, percent to rankup, and player-based stats.
    • Mine Placeholders: These pertain to mine-related placeholders such as reset times, blocks remaining, percent remaining, players actively within the mine, etc...
    • Player-Mine Placeholders: These are a hybrid placeholder that reports the mine specific details for the mine that the player is within. As they go from one mine to another, the mine stats reports on their current mine.
    • SellAll Multiplier Placeholders: These placeholders report on the player's total multiplier value, which includes permission-based multipliers.
    • There are placeholders sub-commands located under /prison placeholders. One of which is listing all of the placeholders: /prison placeholders list. And even a search for placeholders with live values shown within the results.
    • Prison's placeholders are available on PAPI's wiki. Recently added placeholders may not be included, use /prison placeholders list instead.

    Why should I switch to Prison?

    If hassle-free updates and zero payments are not enough for you to consider switching to Prison, it doesn't stop there.
    • Prison is modular. If you don't want to use a certain feature on your server, you can disable it in just a few keystrokes.
    • Prison is completely, 100% open source. This means that your developers can make changes to the plugin to customize your server's experience, if you so desire.
    • Prison is and always will be free. We do not currently ask for donations, but may in the future. All of our code, resources, and binaries are provided free of charge to the Minecraft community. We do not hide any code within proprietary jars so you have full access through Github.
    • Bug support. Yes, we take bugs seriously; if you find one, contact us on discord and we will get it fixed ASAP.
    • Prison is always expanding. We are always looking for ways to expand Prison with features that make your server run more smoothly. Additionally, we are always looking for contributions from the community, be it code contributions, feature requests, bug reports, translations, or documentation.
    • Every version release had a ton of new features added and bug fixes, use the most recent release's recommended!
    • New features, bug fixes, performance improvements, and optimizations will be added to alpha releases. They can be downloaded from the #alpha-versions channel on our discord server.
    • Check out our change logs for a list of most of the changes. This changelog starts with v3.2.0 so you can review how much prison has evolved in the last years. There have been hundreds and hundreds of changes and many new features.
    TELEMETRY: This plugin reports statistics to bStats which are very important for us to better understand what we should support. To opt-out, Change "send-metrics" in config.yml to "false". View stats here.

Recent Reviews

  1. blab
    Version: 3.2.10
    Thank you for this cool plugin! It is working fine, without any lags. i waited for 3.2.10 and now i can translate plugin without any bugs! cool plugin, good luck)))
    1. SirFaizdat
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the great review! I'm still externalizing more messages so if you need more converted to allow you to complete your server setup, please let me know via the discord server.
      - Blue
  2. sproutbrawlstars
    Version: 3.2.10
    nice plugin
    -nice features
    -easy mines
    -doesnt lag while using commands
    -easy ranks and prestige
    1. SirFaizdat
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the great review. Glad to hear the use of the commands don't lag. If your talking about the use of blockBreak commands keep in mind that it's up to the command that you are running. There is an option to submit the command so it does not run in the same thread as the the BlockBreak event, which may help reduce some lag if you run in to those kind of issues.
      Let us know if we can provide any help.
      - Blue
  3. soloDriller
    Version: 3.2.9
    Great plugin, but how can i op myself? I have no perms and 0 access to the commands. It says ranks.admin but i cant seem to "op" myself. Anyone can help?
    1. SirFaizdat
      Author's Response
      Visit our discord server and we would be more than happy to help! To OP yourself, just issue the command 'op <yourPlayerName>' from the console. It's probably much easier to OP yourself when you are making config changes to Prison, then deop yourself when finished so you can test as a normal player.
      - Blue
  4. RazerStorm
    Version: 3.2.9
    It's a really good plugin!
    - Its free
    - has lots of features
    - great support
    - and open source!
    1. SirFaizdat
      Author's Response
      Awesome! Glad to hear its working out well for you.
      Let us know if there is anyway we can help, or improve things for you.
      - Blue
  5. SnappyCreeper
    Version: 3.2.9
    Best prison plugin out there. Join their discord for support, they will always reply.
    1. SirFaizdat
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Of course we always reply... we wouldn't want it any other way if we were looking for help with another plugin.
      - Blue
  6. quickflash101
    Version: 3.2.9
    Join the discord for fast and quality support. Plugin has many useful features while being very customizable and is a core plugin to use for any Prison server
    1. SirFaizdat
      Author's Response
      QuickFlash thanks for the review! Yes, there is a lot that prison can do, with many new features being added all the time. So glad you're enjoying it!
      - Blue
  7. TheStart123
    Version: 3.2.9
    The plugin is very good but I have a problem, how do I create the prestiges? I do not see to create them I only see the list and there is nothing. I'm sorry for my English, I use a translator
    I do not speak English
    1. SirFaizdat
      Author's Response
      Visit our Discord server and we can help you there. Prison has prestiges and we can help you get them enabled.
  8. AkuroPlays
    Version: 3.2.9
    This plugin is one of the best out there for making a Prison server. I use my custom rank system plugin, and I have the option to disable that and keep the mine resetting feature only. Overall, the whole thing is really customised and is one of the best free plugins within Spigot. Highly recommended, no known issues since downloading it. 5 Stars deserved.
    1. SirFaizdat
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the great review and the stars! Glad it's been able to work well with your rank system too. Hope some of the new features help make your server unique and more enjoyable. :)
      - Blue
  9. zDragon_YT
    The best plugin if not the best for prisons. I would recommend this plugin if you are running a prison!
    1. SirFaizdat
      Author's Response
      Thanks! We're constantly adding new features and improving upon existing features. If you have ideas, please visit our suggestion channel on our discord server.
      - Blue
  10. _PxL_
    Version: 3.2.8b
    Fix worked great. Great plugin, active dev, works perfect. For free too! And universally supports all versions.
    1. SirFaizdat
      Author's Response
      I'm so sorry for that bug. :( It happened on "new" installs of Prison so I did not catch it right away. The fix v3.2.8b is temporary and is now replaced with v3.2.8.1 which is more "formal" and includes a few other "minor" updates to some of the /prison utils healing commands.
      If you ever have issues, please visit our discord server.
      Thanks! :)
      - Blue