Prison 3.2

Makes creating a Prison server easy.

  1. v3.2 - The Hadron Update

    • Prison is now under new leadership! It is now being lead by RoyalBlueRanger ([user]rbluer[/user] on GitHub)
    • Works with Minecraft 1.14.4
    • Added PlaceholderAPI support
    • Updated the updater
    • Updated bStats
    • Updated Google GSON
    • Improved Prison UX
    • Improved /mines list
    • Refactored the mines module to improve maintainability.
    • Added decimal block chances in Prison Mines.
    • Added a GUI for adding blocks to mines (called Block Search)
    • Added extra...
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  2. Prison v3.1.1

    • Fixed a critical issue when loading ranks!

    State of Prison

    Prison has clearly had its day in the sun a while ago and, while it's been a blast developing this alongside the community, we feel like we've done all we can with this plugin. Prison v3.2, when it's complete, will be a Long-Term Support (LTS) release that will be thoroughly tested, to ensure that the experience is smooth and bug-free, allowing the plugin to be unattended by us, the developers, for...
  3. The Ionic Update

    The Ionic Update
    • Fixed an issue where coloured clay, and other block variants, would not reset properly
    • Fixed an issue where mines would not reset properly following mine creation
    • Added /ranks set
    • Major code changes
    • Bug fixes
    Note that various features that were scheduled for 3.1 are not included due to time constraints, these will be included in 3.2.
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  4. Prison v3.0.3

    • Fix Made alert system less annoying with new config option to hide in-game alerts: show-alerts!
    • Fix Multi-world support now actually works.
    • Add Added Dutch translation (nl_BE and nl_NL). Thanks @pixar02!
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  5. Prison v3.0.2

    • Fixed bug where users weren't being added to the first rank (issue #63).
    • Fixed bug where a blank space would show before a chat message if a user had no rank.
    • Added German translation (thanks, @sandygs!)
  6. Prison v3.0.1

    • Fixed bug where mines could not retrieve locale messages.
    • Switched updater to Spiget, because Bukkit updater no longer includes latest versions. You may still opt out of updates in config.yml.
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  7. v3.0.0 - The Fusion Update

    Yo, what's with the version jump? We've jumped to v3.0.0 because v2.0.0 has already been released. This is just to avoid future confusion.

    • Merged all modules into the main JAR. Now, you only have to install one JAR file! This returns us to our original philosophy of an all-in-one prison plugin. Yay!
    • Added a modules.yml configuration file so that you can choose which modules you want to use.
    • API level has been bumped to 3 to reflect the major...
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  8. Prison 1.0.0 (version reset)

    Note: The version has been reset to be more consistent with semantic versioning.

    At long last... the "Prison 3" recode is here! Since we're starting over with code base and versioning, consider this to be an initial release with no change log.

    Need help getting started? View our wiki:

    Find a bug? Please tell us by making an issue, and do not report them in a...
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  9. Prison v2.4.1

    Sorry for skipping 2.4.0, it was released on BukkitDev and I forgot to post it here!

    As of Prison v2.4.0, Prison 2 has entered into a bugfix-only mode. This means that while issues will still be patched, we will be saving all new features for Prison 3. What does this mean? Prison 3 is almost here!

    2.4.1 Fixes: Fixed bug where the item manager would not load anything, instead giving the message "Item manager is loading."...
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  10. Prison v2.3.1

    • Fixed JSON converter bug
    UPDATE: Due to the changes that Camoflauge100 made in Prison 2.2.3, this bug can't be undone. You will have to recreate your mine composition. The Prison Data Editor (which can be downloaded here) can read the files, so use that if you have forgotten your mine composition.
    • Fixed updater bug
    • Added support for Multiworld...