PrisonCafe 1.5

Drop Food from anywhere you want!

  1. Rangaofdeath
    MC VERSION - 1.8

    Here is a more general version of this plugin:

    I will probably update the new one more than this plugin, but each will have some what different updates.
    PrisonCafe is a plugin that allows the use of a cafeteria without the hassle of wiring redstone to all the droppers. You can drop anything you want from them especially since messages are custom now!

    When you do /cafe select it will enable the selection of blocks by right-clicking them. You will do the command again to disable it. It works best if you break the block you selected so the food just falls like a player dropped it straight down. To start the drop, all you have to do is use the command /cafe drop and it will start at whatever time you specified in the config.
    New video coming soon...
    /cafe drop - starts the countdown for dropping food
    /cafe select - enables/disables block selection tool
    /cafe add - adds a new item and amount (EX. /pc add COOKED_CHICKEN,5)
    /cafe cancel - cancels current drop countdown
    /cafe soon - broadcasts that there will be a drop
    /cafe clear - clears all locations in config (/reload adds back locations, working on a fix)
    /cafe info - gives the player info about the plugin (Random enabled, locations, and food)
    cafe.admin - grants access to all commands
    Known Bugs:
    • None

    1. Place .jar in plugins folder
    2. Start your server up
    3. Stop your server
    4. Edit the config to your liking
    5. DONE
    (* means it is done or being added now and will be in the next update)
    - Add reload config command
    - Add Aliases "c", "cp", and "cafeprison"
    - *Change "cancel" to "stop"
    - Open to suggestions!​

    Please note that editing the config while the server is running will not work. It must be off to make the changes.

    Please let me know what I should fix or add!
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Recent Reviews

  1. MrReacher
    Version: 1.1
    Hi, can you make how many items will drop? like APPLE 64 (1 stack) Thanks
    1. Rangaofdeath
      Author's Response
      I have now updated it! Be sure to delete your config when the server is stopped and then start your server again.