PrisonCafe 1.5

Drop Food from anywhere you want!

  1. Force Drop Command

    Added a force drop command as well as cleaned the code up a bit.

    Other more general resource is to be posted soon with some cool new features.
  2. Command changes

    Changed commands ("/pc" to "/cafe" and "/pc cafe" to "/cafe select")
    Added help command
    Still working on making so the plugin does not kill all tasks on server!
  3. Big update!

    One command with secondary commands inside = /pc drop|cafe|add|cancel|soon|clear|info
    Stopped "/pc drop" from being executed multiple times
    Custom countdown messages have been added
    Added command to add items to list of food (Ex. /pc add COOKED_CHICKEN,5)
    Added cancel command for the countdown
    Added command to wipe locations (Need to restart server for changes to be made permanent, /reload will bring back the locations. Working on a fix.)
  4. Added Amounts

    STOP YOUR SERVER AND DELETE CONFIG (Slightly new format from amounts being added)
    Added amounts to config
    Removed random feature (will add back if enough people want it)
    Fixed console being able to use some commands
  5. Fixed Error

    Was throwing a error every time a player places a block or right clicks.

    This is now fixed.
  6. Minor Update

    - Added color to "No Permissions" text
    - Reworded output messages on countdown