PrisonFight 4.1

Adds skulls to pvp(can be used anywhere where pvp is enabled)

  1. Putting Vault to use.

    This update puts the checker for Vault finally to accuall use.

    It adds an option to the config

    Code (Text):
    #Set the % or percentage that should be taken from the victims account
    #and stored to the killers account. Set to 0 to disable.
    #Also set if the money should be used or not.
      money: false
      percentage: 25
    Money set to false means it will not take money from the players account and give that to the killer.
    The percentage is the amount taken from the victims bank.

    Config does not...
  2. RandomFirework!

    This update adds firework on join and on player kills.

    After killing a player and while gaining the skull into your invent a random firework will be fired off at the killers location.

    Also upon login onto the server it fires a random firework.

    This means if you downloaded fwonjoin previously you can remove it as it uses the same setup as this one.
  3. PrisonFight 3.1(Video!)


    Video made by MinecraftIventz. Thanks!

    not much just a few bug fixes and a little clean up.

    Will be working on some kind of economy for skulls.

    Give me your ideas :)
  4. Version 3.1 (add on to config)

    This adds a new line to the config that can be changed. The accuall kill msgs.

    Default msg can be changed to whatever you wish.
    Added variables:
    <player> = killername
    <victim> = victimname
    <item> = item used to kill the victim.

    A small issue with the Lore has been fixed to accually read color.
    If you experienced a double head again, it did not show up on testing so if it happens just let me know and ill come look.

    Made a video? just link me and ill post it here :)

    This is the last update...
  5. PrisonRiot V3.0

    This update requires you to remove the old config as it will no longer have any use!

    This update renames the plugin from DeathPlugin to PrisonFight. Found it more suitable then PrisonRiot OR DeathPlugin...

    This also means the config itself is renamed automaticly thus making the deathplugin config completely absolete.

    Along side...
  6. version 2.2(double + head fix)

    This update should fix the double head after a reload has been done.

    Nothing else has been added as of yet.

    Got suggestions? just let me know :)
  7. Config redone and added some commands + permissions

    You probably dont have to change the config or empty it but if it seems shifty just remove it and let the plugin create a new one.

    This update doesnt completely fix the head, it will give you a head but instead of 3 it gives 2(not yet sure why).

    Also adjusted some minor color things within the plugin that didnt allow color changing.

    Did u still find a bug? report them :)

    Commands have also had a little redoing.
    Commands added:
    /pr(main command)
    /pr help
    /pr reload(default op, permission:...
  8. PrisonRiot 2.0

    Added a config.

    In this config you can adjust:
    - Prefix
    - Main msg colors. Default 9 and 6.

    Lores and msgs themselves will come in the next update :)