PrisonFly 1.0

Automatically fly!

  1. UnpeeledBanana1
    If anyone has ever logged onto a Prison server and noticed that people automatically have the ability to fly? And it's upsetting to find out that it's supported by a custom plugin!
    Well, not with the plugin PrisonFly you will have the ability to fly permanently.

    What it does:
    When a player either:
    Logs in, Teleports to another location or changes worlds - their fly mode is automatically enabled, allowing them to take off and soar!

    How do I disable flight in specific locations?
    Currently this plugin doesn't support the option of disabling flight mode in specific regions... However, this can be supported with the plugin NoFlyZone, and it works a treat!

    Have any ideas for updates or do you have any bugs to report?
    - Post them in the comments!

Recent Reviews

  1. Gomze
    Version: 1.0
    Can you add the NoFlyZone in this Plugin? Than 5 Starts