PrisonPick 1.2.0

A very userfriendly auto on mine and auto smelt plugin! Especially made for Prison Servers!

  1. BrayzPlayz
    This is a very simple and user friendly prison pickaxe plugin!

    - Auto Inventory On Mine
    *When a player mines a block it cancels the drops and puts it into your inventory instead!

    - Auto Smelt
    *If a player mines an ore block(Iron_Ore, Gold_Ore), it smelts it into the ingot right when he/she mines it!

    - Fortune Compatible
    *Depending on the fortune size of the pickaxe, it will put that amount of items into the players inventory!

    Many new updates should come up in the near future! Please comment what you would like or if you have found any bugs! Thanks -BrayzPlayz
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Recent Reviews

  1. r4ph55
    Version: 1.2.0
    Nice plugin, it work perfectly for me, but can you add a full inventory message? i tried some others plugins but do not work together
  2. ericgolde555
    Version: 1.0.0
    Fantastic plugin! the only nthing is that when you mine redstone it doesn't give you anything.
    1. BrayzPlayz
      Author's Response
      Ahh I see what you mean! I will add it right now! Thanks for noticing!
  3. Avixk
    Version: 1.0.0