Private Worlds 2.0

Allows a player to create privateworld with an access string.

  1. Joeneter10
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Greetings everyone!
    So this is my first Minecraft Plugin ever created by me and I'm pretty proud of it.

    This plugin uses the multiverse-core API. It is necessary for you to install this plugin. It will not work without it.

    This plugin uses the Vault API. It is necessary for you to install this plugin. It will not work without it.

    So what this plugin does is the following:
    - Allows a player to create their own world when they have permission.
    - Allows a player to allow and deny other players to warp to that world.
    - Allows a player and it's allowed guests to change their gamemode and world weather..
    - Uses JSON files as storage.
    - Creates the world with the logged players displayname.
    - Don't want animals or monsters in your world? No problemo!

    Permission list:
    - privateworld.use (Main permission, necessary for anything else.)
    - privateworld.create (Creates the world.)
    - privateworld.remove (Removes their personal world.)
    - privateworld.allow (Allows a player to warp to their world.)
    - privateworld.deny (Denies an allowed player to enter the world.)
    - (Changes the gamemode of the world.)
    - (Turns on and off the weather in the world.)
    - privateworld.monsters (Turns on and off the monsters in the world.)
    - privateworld.animals (Turns on and off the animals in the world.)
    - privateworld.alias ( Changes the name of the world.)

    Command usage:
    </privateworld|/pw> shows this menu.
    </pw create> <flat/large/default/amplified>. Creates the world.
    </pw warp [name]>. Warps you to the designated world.
    </pw allow [name]>. Grants access to your world for an online player.
    </pw deny [name]>. Denies the access to your world for an online player.
    </pw gm [gamemode(s/c/a/spec)]>. Changes the worlds gamemode.
    </pw weather>. Turns on/off the weather in your world.
    </pw delete>. Removes your world.
    </pw animals>. Turns on/off animals in your world.
    </pw monsters>. Turns on/off monsters in your world.
    </pw alias [name]>. Changes the name of your world.

    If you have any suggestions to add to this plugin or found any bugs,feel free to comment or write a PM to me!

    - Offline player support for allow/deny and warping to worlds.

Recent Updates

  1. Permission support
  2. Grant revamp

Recent Reviews

  1. Gunny43
    Version: 2.0
    The plugin is pretty cool! I hope the developer listens to what I had to say in the discussion thread and that they get implemented! I have high hopes.
  2. marinesquirel
    Version: 1.0
    Plugin broken. I have posted the error in the discussion and have had no luck getting a response.
    1. Joeneter10
      Author's Response
      Excuse my communication. My bad. I am working on a revamped version of this plugin and make it more reliable :)