PrivateMines 1.2

Create private mines for your players to mine in!

  1. MinecraftKnightz
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    UntouchedOdin0, CozyLeprechaun94 (graphics)

    PrivateMines allows your players to make private mines similar to a prison server.

    • FastAsyncWorldEdit
    • Vault
    • WorldGuard
    • Citizens
    • AutoSell

    • Players can change the block of their mine with changable options in the config
    • Players can open their mine to other players, and set a tax for all AutoSelling done while in the mine
    • Customise the mine schematic, the world, spawnpoints, messages, and more!
    • Every mine gets an NPC that users can right click on to AutoSell their items
    • Fully customisable GUIs!
    • Full WorldGuard support - every mine has 2 protected regions automatically generated!

    • Base: /privatemines (aliases: privatemine, pm, pmine)
    • /pm - Go to your private mine, or view the menu if you don't have one (no permission)
    • /pm help - View help (no permission)
    • /pm tax - View the current tax percentage of your private mine (privatemines.owner)
    • /pm tax <value> - Set the tax percentage of your private mine - must be between 0 and 100 (privatemines.owner)
    • /pm open - Open your private mine up to other players (privatemines.owner)
    • /pm close - Close your private mine from other players (privatemines.owner)
    • /pm delete - Remove your private mine (privatemines.owner)
    • /pm ban|banish|blacklist <player> - Ban a player from your mine (privatemines.ban)
    • /pm unban|pardon <player> - Unban a player from your mine (privatemines.ban)
    • /pm give <player> - Give a player a private mine (privatemines.give)
    • /pm delete <player> - Remove a player's private mine (privatemines.delete)
    • /pm status <player> - View the status of a player's mine: block type, tax percentage, etc (privatemines.status)
    • /pm teleport|visit <player> - Teleport to a player's mine (privatemines.teleport)
    You can change the schematic by editing the PrivateMines/mine.schematic file or making a new one and changing
    Code (Text):
    in config.yml

    The schematic must contain:
    Exactly 2 corner blocks, defined in config.yml as
    Code (Text):
    for where the mineable area is

    A spawnpoint block for where players should spawn
    A NPC block for where the selling NPC should be spawned

    Join the discord server for support!


    #The name of the mines
    World-Name: mines
    #How many blocks each mine should be apart from the other. This must be at least the radius of the mine schematic (distance from the center to the edge) or the mines will overlap
    Mine-Distance: 150
    #the schematic name for the mine. this file must exist or bad things will happen!
    Schematic-Name: mine.schematic

    #This maps different block types to different locations in the schematic
    #Defines where the players will initially spawn. If this block has a direction, the direction will be used
    Spawnpoint: SIGN
    #Defines a corner of the mining area. Place this at both corners. They will be replaced with air and the mine will be filled
    Mine-Corner: POWERED_RAIL
    Sell-NPC: WOOL

    #The default block for mines
    Default-Block: REDSTONE_BLOCK

    #Options for types of block a mine can be made of

    #Name for the Sell NPC
    NPC-Name: Merchant
    NPC-Skin: TraderNPC

    #Default percentage in tax that mine owners will be given
    Tax-Percentage: 5

    #Color Customization for messages

    Thanks to CozyLeprechaun94 for the amazing graphics, and UntouchedOdin0 for the initial idea!

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    Not a bad idea. working amazingly on 1.8 no issues so far. love your work needlesswordsgoodlordhowmuchisneeded..therewego
    1. MinecraftKnightz
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I'm glad you like it
  2. youfish30gamer
    Version: 1.1
    Good developer, and I like the plugin was looking for something like this for a while now.
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      Thanks! And thank you for the amazing graphic design!
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    Version: 1.1
    Another banger plugin by MinecraftKnightz, everything works just tremendously good.
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      Thank you for the feedback!