PrivateServer for CloudNet | [NOT LONGER SUPPORTED] | CloudNet 2.0.05 Addon | by zM4xi rel-2.3

lightwight privateserver gui | usable for CloudNet networks

  1. zM4xi
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    For Support please tag @zM4xi on the CloudNet Discord

    Before you download please note this is a Addon for the CloudNet System by Dytanic. If you're not using CloudNet do not use this plugin.

    If you want your PrivateServers to stop automatically install this Addon on the gameservers

    For Support please tag @zM4xi on the CloudNet Discord

    Thanks you guys for over 200 downloads


    PrivateServer is a lightwight GUI based plugin. You can easily setup a entity or simply a item in the inventory. It opens the inventory based on the permission a user has to host specific servergroups. The inventory changes the size based on the amount of hostable servergroups.


    • (in Setup)


    To configurate the plugin just drop it in the /plugins/ folder and reload the server one time. It will generate the default files and folder.

    The plugin provides diffrent languages, just change the language tag in the config.yml and a new file with the given name will be generated by reloading the plugin.

    In the config.yml you can change the type of the entity, the name, also what item it is holding in his hand.
    You can enable/disable the item/entity.

    *NEW* (rel-1.4)
    Set the item type of every server group specifically for this group!

    The config.yml looks like these with it's default values:
    Code (Text):

      language: EN
      itemEnabled: false
      - '&e» Rightclick to Open'
      itemDisplayName: '&7[&6PS&7] &aPrivateServer Manager'
      itemType: 264
      itemSlot: 4
      entityNoAIEnabled: false
      entityName: '&7[&6PS&7] &aPrivateServer Manager'
      entityEnabled: false
      entityIsBaby: false
      entityItemInHand: 297
      entityType: SKELETON
      permission: privateserver.servergroup.$group
        enabled: false
          price: 172.0
          price: 172.0
      inventoryTitle: '&7[&6PS&7] &aPrivateServer Manager'
      displayColor: '&e'
      - '&e» Click to create Server'
          type: 340
          data: 0
          type: 340
          data: 0
          enabled: true
          enabled: false

    Please note the inventory name will be shorted to the maximum of 32 chars.

    Here a view on the message file:

    Code (Text):
      notEnoughCurrency: '&cYou don''t have enough coins'
      entityIsDisabled: '&cThe ClickGUI Entity is disabled. Enable it in the config'
      groupNotFound: '&cThis group doesn''t exists in your Cloudsystem'
      privateServerIsStarting: '&aYour server is starting now..'
      privateServerAlreadyInit: '&cYou already have a private server running'

    Commands and Permissions:

    Code (Text):
    /privateserver open | Opens the privateserver gui
    /privateserver createentity | Spawns and privateserver entity
    /privateserver reload | Reload the configuration
    >> privateserver.cmd
    Then there is the hosting permission to give permission to host specific servers.

    It can be changed in the config.yml but as left by the default value it works as follows:

    The front part is just a prefix you can change it as you want but for diffrent permission for every serverGroup you use $name as placeholder.

    So if you don't want a own permission for every group just remove the $name or replace it with anything else.



    Should be atomatically installed by CloudNet on every started server.


    Example Entity:

    Example Inventory:

    Planned changes:

    • different itemtype for every servergroup
    • different server starttypes like static
    • pay with currency for servers (CloudCoins needed)
    • message me if you know anything :D

    Terms of Service:
    • You're not permitted to decompile the plugin for any bad intentions. To see how it works or just for developing reasons.
    • You're not permitted to reupload it as yours.
    • Also you have no permission to change any part of the code.
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      Gemacht. Danke für dein Review
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    A Nice plugin please make more of it find it is the best plugin for Cloud Net what it is just there!