PrivateServer for CloudNet | [NOT LONGER SUPPORTED] | CloudNet 2.0.05 Addon | by zM4xi rel-2.3

lightwight privateserver gui | usable for CloudNet networks

  1. CloudNet v2.0 API Updated

    • In CloudNet 2.0 the method i previously used to stop the servers has been removed so you need to install a Addon if you wanna stop your servers when only 1 player is online
  2. Bug Fix

    • no Coins needed to start server
  3. Fixed Hide Player Item

    • Item Moveing cancelled now
  4. Entity Bug Fix

    • Entity Location would spawn infinite
  5. Hot Fix

    • Problem spawning entitys
  6. Added CloudCoins & Changed to Item ids

    • Added CloudCoins support (pay for hosting a private server)
    • Item names sometimes thowed up some problems so you have to use now item ids
  7. Server Spamming Fixed & First Startup Error

    • server startup Spamming is now blocked for at least 30 seconds or till the player gets sent to his own server
    • On first startup the plugin started to early so the CloudNet-API couldn't get the serverGroups
  8. Little Fix & TabComplete

    • Added tabcompletion
    • fixed little bug with mc version 1.8.0
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  9. Multiversion Support Update

    • PrivateServerCN supports now following versions:
    - 1.8
    - 1.8.8
    - 1.8.9
    - 1.9
    - 1.10.2
    - 1.11.2
    - 1.12
    all other version between are may supported but not tested
    • /ps reload wasn't shown in the help overview
    • Incase of any bugs please report them to me

  10. HotFix

    • Wrong vertsion exported