PrivateServer for CloudNet | PrivateServer GUI | 1.8.X - 1.12 | CloudNet Addon | by zM4xi rel-1.9

lightwight privateserver gui | usable for CloudNet networks

  1. Server Spamming Fixed & First Startup Error

    • server startup Spamming is now blocked for at least 30 seconds or till the player gets sent to his own server
    • On first startup the plugin started to early so the CloudNet-API couldn't get the serverGroups
  2. Little Fix & TabComplete

    • Added tabcompletion
    • fixed little bug with mc version 1.8.0
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  3. Multiversion Support Update

    • PrivateServerCN supports now following versions:
    - 1.8
    - 1.8.8
    - 1.8.9
    - 1.9
    - 1.10.2
    - 1.11.2
    - 1.12
    all other version between are may supported but not tested
    • /ps reload wasn't shown in the help overview
    • Incase of any bugs please report them to me

  4. HotFix

    • Wrong vertsion exported
  5. NoAI NBT Tag added

    • Entity is now complete moveless(No Gravity)
    To enable that set it in the config
    When you span the Entity note the Entity wont turn its head so look the correct direction

    Please notice if you disable this you should not use Guardian because they ignore the Slowness Effect that is normally given to them on land.
  6. Fix Permission Bug

    • little misswriting in the code caused user with no the permission had a emtpy inventory
  7. Major Fix and Several displaytypes

    • Removed Reconnecting Attempts
    • You can know change the icon for every servergroup to its own
  8. PS Entity Update

    • Entity won't be pushed anymore
    • Entity doesn't burn by daylight
    • Entity won't attack Gamemode Survival Players