PrivateTalk [LITE] | GUI Chatroom Manager | Very configurable | No other plugin like it 1.3.6

Fast & light-weight party-chat plugin

  1. Lots of bug fixes


    Bugfixes -
    * No longer can you invite, kick, ban, or promote yourself
    * /pt accept without a pending invite has been fixed.
    * Fixed bug where saved chat-rooms with offline owners throws NPE when /pt info is done on them
    * Fixed /pt delete <Two> <parameters>

    New messages for language users
    Code (Text):
    cannot-invite-self: "&eYou cannot invite yourself!"
    cannot-kick-self: "&eYou cannot kick yourself!"
    cannot-promote-self: "&eYou cannot promote yourself!"
    cannot-ban-yourself: "&eYou cannot ban yourself!"

    info-second-line-true: "&a Public : &ftrue"
    info-second-line-false: "&a Public : &ffalse"

    How to install
    1. Remove any old versions of PrivateTalk, including your folder
    2. Reload and restart your server twice. The language file does not load the first time.

    If your using the language file, save a copy of it before deleting it! Then, copy and paste the new messages above in and translate as you like.

    Thanks to @Gasha for finding these bugs!
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